1,500 businesses tell us their outlook for 2014. The results show that optimism for 2014 is high, with many businesses looking to expand. The study gives an insight into the optimism at the grass roots level of the UK economy. Business confidence is on the up, with many looking to launch new services and initiatives and in turn create new jobs.





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Print is big! Rugby printers are contributing significantly towards the printing industry

Print is BIG, Bigger than the video game industry. Here is an interesting infographic illustrating how big the print industry is. Please click the image to enlarge.





February Offer of the Month

Britain is gradually climbing out of the economic darkness of the last few years, and this is being reflected by business increases throughout the country. Companies are beginning to grow again, which means now is a better time than ever to promote your business with Oxygen Graphics.

As marketing professionals, the design team at Oxygen can help your company have a greater year in 2014. To help you boost revenue in this financial year we have some excellent deals on business cards, flyers and stationary.

We are offering half price on starmarque and luxury business cards. These are two of our most popular products and are always very effective in terms of marketing needs. The luxury business cards are printed on a 400gsm artboard with a matt lamination finish on both sides. Our starmarque business card is printed in the same manner except it has a spot UV varnish front that leaves a last impression on your clients.

Our laminated flyers are ideal for advertising your company at an exceptionally low price. We offer two options for these flyers, either gloss laminated for a shiny finish, our matt lamination for a more sophisticated finish. With prices starting from £67, and with no VAT, they’re an excellent marketing tool. Flyers are ideal for promoting an event or exhibiting your services.

Why not begin the New Year with fresh stationary and even a fresh new design for your stationary? Our letterheads and compliment slips are currently a third off during February, with prices starting