How to attract new customers

An exhibition stand is a great way to promote your company. But the first step is to choose the exhibition that is right for you. You have to go in to the exhibition with objectives you want to fulfil. Whether you are launching a new product or you want to interact with new customers, you need to decipher what you want the outcome of the exhibition to be. Generally, customers don’t have much time so the the longer you keep them at your stand, the more likely you are to grab their interest in your services and get a lead.

At events, such as trade fairs, it is important that you market your brand clearly in order to get across what it is you specialise in. Do not be fazed if there are several companies offering the same services as you, at the same event, it means the right customers will attend. Of course, if your competitors are at the same exhibition, you have to adapt your marketing technique.

Do not be afraid about being different to attract attention to your business. One way to do this is to offer promotional products such as bags, pens, mugs – practical things your customer will use everyday so they will be reminded of your company.

Here is a stand we created for British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) at Solar Energy UK 2015.

If you need help designing or printing your stand panels, look no further! Here at Oxygen Graphics, we will help make your marketing message clear and




Rock Solid History


Rugby – the town, mind you, not the sport – has been enjoying its moment in the spotlight thanks to the Rugby World Cup. While we’re proud of all the coverage, it’s also a great time to point out that our town history involves a lot more than the creation of throwing a ball backwards.

Cue the Rugby Portland Cement Transport. Granted (pun intended), while some might not think that our rock history is as exciting as an international sporting event, the niche group of Rugby business and transportation history enthusiasts would disagree with you.

Oxygen was happy to collaborate on book design and layout with author Glen McBirnie on his recent and impressive book, Rugby Portland Cement Transport: a story of vehicles and their drivers. The 296-page book boasts photos from a private collection of more than 40 photo albums covering a variety of subjects on the British road transport scene from post-war years up to the 1980s.

McBirinie’s first book on RPC Transport “A Story of Vehicles and their Drivers” has sold over 1,400 copies since its release in 2002, both here in the United Kingdom and overseas.


Rugby Portland Cement Transport is available for purchase at WH Smith and Hunts Bookshop. Additional copies can be ordered through Amazon or Crown House or borrowed from the Rugby Library.

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