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Looking way back at social media trends

You may already know that last week was #WayBackWeek, a social media trend across Facebook, Instagram and twitter, where people shared fantastic photos of themselves from when they were younger – cue all the embarrassing outfits, cute poses and hilarious haircuts you had absolutely no choice about!

Through researching about #WayBackWeek, it has become apparent that there is no direct source as to how it began. But surely it had to start somewhere? People all over the world joined in with the cult movement but no one knows why or how it started. We aren’t complaining though, it’s a great excuse to poke fun at ourselves and show we can all have a little light-hearted banter.

It’s ‘younger brother’, as it were, #ThrowbackThursday began when Matt Halfhill (pictured below), founder of Nice Kicks, decided to post a photo of an old shoe every Thursday (each to their own) to try to break up his feed of the new fashions. This trend has evolved to become not only posting old photos, but music people used to listen to (I say bring back S Club 7, or for my colleagues, some TLC!) and the best sporting event highlights. It just goes to show how one post can have such a big impact on social media and how quick it can catch on to become a trend.

The staff here at Oxygen thought it would be comical to share some of our own #WayBackWeek photos to the world. Can you match our faces to our names?




Make more… Do less… Have a happier, more productive team… Enjoy your business!

Have you got your business driving license?

Before you’re allowed to drive a car you go through a training process. You study for a theory test to understand how roads work, what warning signs look like, what safe parameters are for your car. You also take practical lessons giving you experience with an instructor on hand to guide you and ensure that when the moment comes you’re prepared for your test and you can be let loose on the road safely.

When you start your business – there is no theory test, there’s no practical instruction. You’re launched into a new world with new responsibilities and there are new challenges everywhere. You crash into cashflow issues, you steer into recruitment problems, you collide with competition, you hit a brickwall of time management!

80% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years. This is not because they weren’t capable of being a success but they had no experience and prior learning of how to be a success. No one had helped them, it wasn’t taught at school and they hadn’t the time, cash, opportunity or luck to survive the obstacles that are thrown in their way early on. Even those that survive and often flourish are often on a knife edge because the owner is gripping onto the steering wheel so tight to avoid danger and the next collision that they burnout or are never able to move onto the ‘motorway’ of sustainable, systemised growth.

As an ActionCOACH I work with small business owners




Hamburgers, The Apple Car and Beautiful Typography

As 2016 is now in full swing; people have nearly finished talking over what that “one” person did at the office Christmas party; how everyone spent the new year; and we’re all just about getting over the phenomena of Siri being able to beatbox; I take this opportunity to look at how 2015 changed the internet and I cast some predictions as to what 2016 will bring in terms of web design, social media and online advertising. I will save my predictions about the much rumoured Apple Car for another blog.


1. Smarter online advertising

We became well and truly in love with our mobile phones in 2015 and on 21st April last year, Google reflected this in the way it displayed search results, the day some industry professionals dubbed “mobilegeddon”. Big names moved off the top spot (such as M&S, Next and the AA) and other more mobile friendly sites flourished. As we continue to make our way through 2016, it’s key to ensure you have a responsive, mobile friendly site.

Search Engine Optimisation (known as SEO) also took some blows last year, no longer can you just fill your site with hidden or obscure keywords, search engines are becoming more intelligent and are looking for authoritative, “fresh” content, relevant links and interaction from others. Be very wary of creative studios offering SEO services with a heavy dependence on keywords alone.

Social Media advertising also gained substantial momentum in the last 12 months seeing a 28.9% rise in advertising spend on the platforms




Fuzz Muzzle Project


Last year, Oxygen Graphics had the opportunity to help Rob Hepburn, owner and founder of Fuzz Muzzle, develop his brand of unique, beard protecting and styling balms.

Rob began formulating his own beard products at home, cooking different recipes, until he found the perfect Sticky Toffee Beard Balm which he sold in a local store. News travelled fast and people from different areas wanted their hands on his products. Oxygen Graphics applied their creative skills into the logo, the labels for the packaging of the Fuzz Muzzle balms, oils and waxes and other print material. Fuzz Muzzle’s Sticky Toffee Beard Balm was even featured in GQ Magazine and has received a lot of positive feedback.


Oxygen worked with Fuzz Muzzle designing and creating the woocommerce website which includes product ordering, content management, Instagram integration and a blogging platform. Fuzz Muzzle and Oxygen Graphics also collaborated with Annie Johnston Photography to produce the great, gangster-style photos for the website and Instagram feed.  We make sure our websites are responsive on mobiles, tablets, PC’s and MAC’s as well as ensuring they perform well on search engines.





January Sale 2016!


Happy New Year! January is the perfect time to reassess the marketing activities for your business. Perhaps things that once worked well are now less effective or you’ve simply not had time to think about your marketing at all. This month  we’ve put together ‘The Power Marketing Workout’ a huge range of offers to help you get back on track, to try new things and to improve on what you already do. Think of this as your marketing reboot.

Here at Oxygen Graphics, our January sale offers you the perfect opportunity to obtain more clients and increase revenue.

Several examples of our most popular products on sale are:

  • 60% off Premium silk leaflets which are great for mass marketing purposes to advertise your business.
  • 70% off regular and luxury business cards are essential for networking and getting your business name out there.
  • We are also offering 60% off Fabugloss and Starmarque Showcards. These are brilliant for wedding or birthday invitations.

We are also very excited to announce that we now offer a new range of fabric expo stands which are stronger, more durable, lighter and machine washable. Additionally, they create a greater impact and eliminate join lines.




All of our offers are available to view here: http://www.printing.com/uk/help/prices/special-offers/

If you require any examples of these products or would like us to help, please feel free to come by our studio at 33 Albert Street in Rugby. Alternatively, you can call us on 01788 561991.