Where are your new website's visitors?



You Have Your Website, so Where Are Your Visitors?

You have your new website. It took weeks, even months to get together all the content. You thought long and hard about how you wanted to present your business and its services on it. It looks great. A team of designers took your ideas and produced something which not only matches the brand of your company, but also provides your visitors with a smooth journey. It serves their needs in an intuitive, clear, attractive way and and caters to your main 'Call to action' - typically, a click to your enquiry page to initiate that lead, a tap on a touch screen smart phone to call you directly or an 'add to basket' of your latest product or service. So where are they then? Where are your visitors, where are your leads? Where are your new website's visitors?

Your Site is Search Engine-ready

If your website was developed by Oxygen Graphics, the good news is that we have already built your website to be found. When we make your site live we pass it through a 72 point quality check document, which includes an SEO (search engine optimisation) section. Some of the requirements of which include...
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Helpful tips when writing your website content

So, my colleagues have let me write another blog post! Yay! (add as much sarcasm as you like to that). This time, I’m focusing on website content – more specifically creating it. It’s probably the most daunting aspect for our clients when creating a website, so I’ve put together some simple steps to help create engaging, appropriate content for your online presence. Now, I’m no English teacher and some of my ex-colleagues and peers in the web world may disagree with my process, but, I’m sure some one/thing said “every little helps”, doesn’t it!? people Intended Audience Are you writing for a laid back Luke or a techie Tracey? Are your visitors looking for detailed specifications of a product, or just general information before visiting you in person?..



Exhibition & Display Stands


The Exhibitions & Displays range has launched and offers a complete solution for all types of indoor and outdoor events, promotions, trade …