DIY Websites – Why they don’t Work

You may have seen the TV advertisements for free website ‘builder’ services, noticed your webhost offers an ‘EZ-website maker’ tool or been vaguely aware that WordPress provides free or paid for pre-fabricated ‘themes’ in order to make your own website.

So why not build the website yourself? This blog post explores some of the reasons why.

1. It is not as easy as it Looks

A web page on the surface and “beneath the hood”

It has long been a common misconception that building a website can be easy. Whilst minimal to no knowledge of web design can in some instances get you “something” these days – More often than not, what you end up with will fall in between ugly and unprofessional looking to beautiful and professional looking but also looking almost identical to a million other websites built using the same tool.

If you ever find yourself saying ‘It looks easy, I could give it go’ then also ask yourself if the same would apply next time your boiler breaks down, your car won’t start or your tax return needs filing.

Why do we seek professional help for these problems? Because these problems require a professional with the skills and experience to solve them. If they didn’t, then these professions along with the educational systems to nurture them would simply not exist.

2. Customisation

Lots of readily built themes – none of which reflect your brand.

The hard part of making your website lies a lot in the requirement that at some point, you will need to