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Photography Website Design

The Oxygen team were approached by two photographers in the Rugby area to help design and develop their new websites. Each client had a unique perspective when considering how they desired their website to be designed. We had the task of fully understanding the client’s needs whilst making it work for the target audience.

Victoria Alice Photography (by Julie Mrowicki-Green):

Capturing images of peoples loved ones is at the heard of Victoria Alice Photography. Julie’s primary focus on weddings, family images, events and outdoor style photos. We had to ensure this personal perspective wasn’t lost within her website. We tried to achieve this by taking a more structured approach with her content. Breaking up each of her key sectors and placing the content in a pleasing format that reaches out to her target audience!

Victoria Alice have utilised a key web design trend with full width realistic photographs scaling the background of the site. This technique of full width imagery provides real accounts of the types of images Victoria Alice takes.


Annie Johnston Photography (by Annie Johnston):

Annie wanted to find a way in which to approach her potential market without compromising on design. Having worked with clients such as Boots, Bride & Groom and Good Housekeeping. We agreed the best way to do this would be to demonstrate the types of industries she had worked with. We wanted to provide a clean professional approach that appeals to her target audience. This was achieved by having a standard webpage that is quick and




Top Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends of 2017

Over time trends in web-designs have drastically changed. Webpages have had to adapt to the fast rate of technological advancement. As technology advances so does our ability to create unique user experiences on websites. Here are a few of the trends to watch out for in 2017.

Large Background Imagery:

Stock images are becoming a thing of the past for websites. Users are looking for a more real approach to web-design and the fake smiles of stock photos are seemingly becoming a thing of the past.  Real full width imagery is resonating with the user to give a genuine feel for your branding.

Overload run website: is a prime example of a site utilising this trend. This is used to portray the true emotions portrayed by actual customers in this gruelling cross terrain run! Selecting the right images is key to ensuring this trend is successful.

Video Backgrounds:

Much like above with the large set images this trend is very similar. They say a picture says a thousand words. A video does even more! We have seen some great examples of this being applied on websites and we even have applied it for our own customers.

Solarflare website: Solarflare wanted a way to catch there users attention to some of the services they offer. We provided a unique background video so that as soon as you arrive on the landing page your attention is caught to the well thought of background video’s.

Whilst video isn’t a new trend per se it is




Designing a way to ‘Stand’ out from the crowd

Case Study: Off Grid Energy

Off Grid Energy is dedicated to the delivery of independent hybrid power solutions that offer the highest quality in terms of performance, energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Based in Rugby town this team of highly skilled individuals are the leaders in the field and constant innovators to the industry.

There unique approach to connecting homes and businesses that are ‘off the grid’ with hybrid power solutions is not only having a positive impact on those involved it is also having a positive impact on the planet due to their eco-friendly approach to power generation.

Off Grid Energy have been working with Oxygen for many years. Over time we have built a strong relationship and have aided in the development of their brand. With exhibitions looming for Off Grid Energy we were tasked with creating some new fabric stands to be used in events alongside updating some of the brand elements to ensure continuity with all aspects of promotional materials.

Ink on fabric display stands:

The development of the stand was created to give a new approach to exhibitions and make the organisation stand out from the crowd. was something unique and not loaded with technical jargon. We created a unique exhibition space from 3 separate fabric stands and these all interlocked and created a fast and easy way to create a stand environment (Much to Off-Grid’s excitement). We decided to focus on their brand values and highlighted key unique selling points of the service/products they offer when considering the

Woman's eye with green eye make-up. Long eyelashes



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