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April’s Product Of The Month

The product of the Month  

Our product of the month is the brand new and exclusive Curved Booth. These eye-catching fabric displays can: 

  • divide up your open plan rooms 
  • make a private meeting space in your office 
  • become a quick and easy changing cubicle 

Curved booth offer of the month

They are also fantastic for exhibitions, as you can simply rent a space only stand, saving you pounds.  

Simple to assemble, multi-purpose and flexible, all you need to choose is the colour and what you want to be printed on which sides.  

We recently designed and created one for James at Platform Events who said.

“Fantastic, got people talking, what a great use of space.”

Click here to order yours now. 




Boost Your Marketing With The Oxygenisers

Time to revitalise and energise your marketing



Verb: To Oxygenise your businesses potential for 2018, using one of our superheroes. They are known as The Oxygenisers! 

It’s the New year, what better time to step back and look at your business marketing potential.

Here at Oxygen, we have the perfect solutions to all your withering marketing woes!


Is your brand helping you stand out from the competition? Does it represent what product and services your business has to offer? We can offer the perfect creative solutions for your brand.

Revolutionise your Brand
Modernise your Company Logo
Reach New Demographics
Attract the right customer

Exhibition and Display

With our wide range of products to help, you stand out in the crowd in your next exhibition with unique designs. Sometimes it’s not just what you say, its how you look when you say it!

Generate the wow factor, emphasis your message
Visually striking methods to showcase your brand
Highly portable and multi-use display devices
Cost effective exhibition and display solutions


Is your website looking dated? Is it fully responsive and mobile friendly? Are you looking for more traffic and actions being taken on your website, create more footfall in store?

Build a great online presence
Powerful bespoke web design
Responsive design for mobile devices
Boost traffic with Pay Per Click Advertising


With the ever-growing vast variety of ways to market online, offline marketing still offers a good return on investment. Having something physical that clients can take away and refer back to leaves a lasting positive impression.

An arsenal of cost-effective print products
HD printing for eye-popping clarity
Lightning fast turn around
Enhance your prints with our creative

Time to shine christmas



Your Time To Shine – Must Have Christmas Trends

Copper is this seasons must have Christmas trend!

Give your business cards and marketing can get the Christmas must-have appealing Opluleaf copper look. We start with thick matt laminated card, then apply the copper foil to the required areas. Silver and Gold are also available, ask to see samples today.

Save 20% off on Opuleaf luxe business cards and thick show cards. Including the Cooper foil highlights for those extra special Christmas Cards.


How much would you pay to advertise your business all whole year round to a customer?


With a display the size of a plasma TV. Which could cost you less than 50p per customer! What is this Christmas magic, I hear you ask?

Wallplanners, they can do just that! They are useful, something people would buy from a stationery supplier. Give them a gift and make your company brand shine the whole year through.


Christmas Cards

November has now arrived and you can no longer escape, Christmas is everywhere! Don’t be a bar humbug and leave everything to the last minute. Let your customers know what it means to have them as your customer and wish them all the best for the year ahead.

Make the most of this months offer on Christmas Cards with up to 40% off selected sizes and our most popular Silk Christmas Cards are 20% off. Contact us and order yours ready today!


Who Would You Cut Out?

Santa, a Penguin, a zebra or even yourself? Cut out figures are great for engaging point of sale. What better way to welcome someone to your store, expo stand or office with a




Standing out in a crowded market place – Zoom Recruitment

Zoom Recruitment is a recruitment agency based in Kent who had approached the team at Oxygen to help them develop a way to stand out from the crowd within the recruitment industry.

We helped zoom by rebranding their current logo and creating a new website for them with added functionality.

The team at Oxygen helped develop and design a new mobile responsive website for Zoom with some unique features that give them a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. Zoom needed something that would communicate and integrate with their existing systems and therefore communication was key to this process.

Zoom’s old site was unfortunately subject to a malicious hacking. As standard with the development of their new site, we provided them with additional security to ensure this doesn’t happen again. By installing software to run alongside the new site it added another level of security that helped to make the team at Zoom feel more protected against this level of exploitation in the future.

Job Boards:

The larger recruitment sites such as Reed and Monster are cluttered with recruitment agencies and employees pitching jobs to prospects.  This makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd as a recruitment agency due to the sheer amount of jobs being posted. Oxygen helped develop a job board that is personal to the jobs that zoom upload and provided this on their website.

The integrated job board means that clients trying to find a job using the Zoom Recruitment website will only be able to see the jobs that




Designing a way to ‘Stand’ out from the crowd

Case Study: Off Grid Energy

Off Grid Energy is dedicated to the delivery of independent hybrid power solutions that offer the highest quality in terms of performance, energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Based in Rugby town this team of highly skilled individuals are the leaders in the field and constant innovators to the industry.

There unique approach to connecting homes and businesses that are ‘off the grid’ with hybrid power solutions is not only having a positive impact on those involved it is also having a positive impact on the planet due to their eco-friendly approach to power generation.

Off Grid Energy have been working with Oxygen for many years. Over time we have built a strong relationship and have aided in the development of their brand. With exhibitions looming for Off Grid Energy we were tasked with creating some new fabric stands to be used in events alongside updating some of the brand elements to ensure continuity with all aspects of promotional materials.

Ink on fabric display stands:

The development of the stand was created to give a new approach to exhibitions and make the organisation stand out from the crowd. was something unique and not loaded with technical jargon. We created a unique exhibition space from 3 separate fabric stands and these all interlocked and created a fast and easy way to create a stand environment (Much to Off-Grid’s excitement). We decided to focus on their brand values and highlighted key unique selling points of the service/products they offer when considering the




July Offers 2016

It’s our First Class Display and Print sale this July. Why ‘First Class’ you’re wondering? These days it’s always possible to find someone to do something cheaper, but we would love to share how our print quality compares with others. We have put together introductory offers on lots of new ways to promote yourself, so you can be one of the first to get the look.

Up to 60% off bestselling StarMarque Business Cards. You won’t fail to get noticed with eye-catching spot gloss highlights!

£20 off Grand Suede Folders. We now offer these folders in A5 as well as A4 because they were so popular! Both have a lovely soft touch, suede-feel lamination and are printed on every side and flap.

Save £99 on a Free SSL Certificate. What’s SSL? You know when you visit some websites, you see a little padlock symbol in the browser bar? That means that the website is securely encrypting data it’s sending between you and the server. That is important for keeping data safe. If people are registering on your website, or you’re storing any personal details, you should definitely consider SSL.

Save £100 off both backdrop Curve Stands 24 and 30. Lightweight and eye-catching, both are great backdrops for your expo. Both are double sided, made of numbered, aluminium tubes which click together with a snug-fit, stretchy fabric graphic. They are machine washable.


If you are interested in our July offers, please visit or feel free to drop us a line on 01788 561991 or stop by




7 Tips For Stealing The Show

Business success is dependent on the knowledge of your clients. Customers will not want to seek out your business. They will want businesses that are familiar and available to them.

But how do you do that?

Trade shows or exhibitions are a great avenue to promote your business, your brand, and your products and services. They offer the chance to interact face-to-face with current and potential clients and are a great way to showoff the products and services on display. Use this form of marketing to gain sales leads and create more profit.

7 Tips for stealing the show

1. Research

Research trade shows well in advance to determine which show is right for you and your business. It is important to think about the amount of businesses attending the exhibition, the average number of attendees and whether your competitors will be trading. It could also be a good idea to interview past exhibitors and ask for their feedback to give you a rough idea as to what to expect.

2. Registration

Once you have decided which trade shows you would like to participate in, register with the organisers as early as possible. Many trade shows allow for easy registration online and some offer advanced registration discounts, saving your company hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

3. Attention

You need to attract the potential clients to your stand through free promotional items, literature, and interactive elements such as demonstrating a product. Choose a theme for your exhibition space and be sure to make it engaging, interesting and fun.

4. Objectives 

Set objectives for yourself and your staff. Create a list of achievable objectives

Draycote - Lady



Hospitality Christmas Promotions

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Christmas in May?!

It may be 7 months away, but for businesses that specialise in the hospitality sector, preparing for Christmas this early is extremely important. Now is the time to be creating a Christmas marketing plan and breaking it down into weekly managable tasks including who does what. Why start now? Because the sooner your event is planned, the less pressured you will feel. Try not to be the one that leaves it to the last minute.

Across the industry, preparation is key. Chefs need to begin deciding on their delicious menus, information should be displayed on the website along with the booking terms and conditions. Also, by allowing early bookings and accepting deposits for a table which not only will secure the booking but may prevent a cancelation. Which leads on to my next point: event space. If you are planning on theming your Christmas events, make sure you source your decorations and props now as they will be at a discounted rate.

Oxygen Graphics are currently working with Brownsover Hall and Draycote Hotel, in Rugby, in regard to their Christmas promotions. This means that they are already prepared for their busiest time of the year.

A little snippet of what’s to come from Draycote Hotel’s 16 page Christmas brochure designed by Oxygen Graphics.

This three panel folded brochure showcases all the events and menus available over the festive period last year at Brownsover Hall including champagne & canapés, a five course meal, a firework display and a Scottish Piper!

We can help you with




Marketing & Print Ideas Look Book – Summer 2016

lookbookSummer is nearly upon us and we’ve launched our first ever Look Book.

We’d like to share some of the design trends we’re seeing and some hot new ways our clients are promoting themselves. This book includes information on our new range of fabric-printed display stands, StarMarque Spot UV finishing and our offers, the colour trends for Summer 2016 marketing, getting creative with cut-out designs and responsive websites.

We’ve been working with businesses like yours for over 6 years. In that time we’ve seen lots of things change, but lots of things have remained the same. We live where you live and we know the local area. We know what’s happening, what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

Every studio is connected to our central production hub, based in the UK. We use advanced automated manufacturing to bring you unrivalled value and a reliable service you can count on.


Pop by our studio or ask us to send you a printed copy of our marketing print ideas look book Summer 2016.

T. 01788 561991

33 Albert Street
United Kingdom
CV21 2SQ

Shark fin above water



April Offers 2016

Shark fin above waterWhat’s the point of marketing which gets ignored? Your prospects need to bite. They need to be entertained and kept interested in the services or products you offer. Our Promo Flyers are now up to 65% off! Why not shape them to add intrigue? Cut out any simple shape or add a pop-out credit card, easy-fold crease or tear-off perforation.

Were you one of those kids that loved origami? Well it’s time to dust off your origami black belt and get cutting and engage in some creative paper engineering.

Bespoke cut-out shapes are normally an expensive addition to your marketing campaign. Not any more. With’s revolutionary techniques, you’ll pay a fraction of the usual costs and make your marketing stand out from the clutter.