Standing out in a crowded market place – Zoom Recruitment

Zoom Recruitment is a recruitment agency based in Kent who had approached the team at Oxygen to help them develop a way to stand out from the crowd within the recruitment industry.

We helped zoom by rebranding their current logo and creating a new website for them with added functionality.

The team at Oxygen helped develop and design a new mobile responsive website for Zoom with some unique features that give them a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. Zoom needed something that would communicate and integrate with their existing systems and therefore communication was key to this process.

Zoom’s old site was unfortunately subject to a malicious hacking. As standard with the development of their new site, we provided them with additional security to ensure this doesn’t happen again. By installing software to run alongside the new site it added another level of security that helped to make the team at Zoom feel more protected against this level of exploitation in the future.

Job Boards:

The larger recruitment sites such as Reed and Monster are cluttered with recruitment agencies and employees pitching jobs to prospects.  This makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd as a recruitment agency due to the sheer amount of jobs being posted. Oxygen helped develop a job board that is personal to the jobs that zoom upload and provided this on their website.

The integrated job board means that clients trying to find a job using the Zoom Recruitment website will only be able to see the jobs that




Turning over a new leaf – Redesigning Solicitors Website

Do I Need a New Website?

In this blog, we will be looking to save you money! Websites are almost a necessity in today’s society with upward growing trends of online shopping and browsing, demand for businesses to have a strong online presence has never been stronger!

What is deemed a good website is constantly changing as new web design trends develop so should your website alongside them! This ensures your website works effectively towards your desired outcome! This doesn’t mean having a new website every year which would be a costly experience. Instead, with the WordPress platform, we are able to redesign your site to keep it up to trend with a professional new look for a margin of the cost.

A new looking site need not cost you thousands!

New Leaf Solicitors

We were approached by New Leaf Solicitors to make some changes to their website which we created for them previously. They felt like it needed refreshing and tweaking to look up to date with the current industry trends!

Original Site:

Their previous site was working for them at the time. It met the industry standard having fixed width. Utilising the Revolution sliders at the top of the web page to create a carousel of images and text for the user to view or click through to the relevant section! It was a clear and concise site!

Issues highlighted with the old site:

Fresh stock photography – Moving away from images that you can tell are stock!

Update meta tags for




Cooking with creativity – On The Rocks


The new and improved On The Rocks 

This week’s case study is all about Rugby’s favourite restaurant, On The Rocks. We have been working with On The Rocks since they’ve opened, working closely to provide help with all things marketing. This ranges from menu printing to posters and business stationary! We have also helped On The Rocks with seasonal events they have hosted such as Christmas Parties and Mother’s Day meals. Recently we have been working alongside the rebrand to create a new and exciting website that best promotes the restaurant.

The Website:

The Oxygen Graphics team were involved in the design and development of their multiple page, mobile responsive website. The primary function of this is to showcase menus and adapt a new process of taking online bookings. It features a clever video integration on the homepage.  The video integration provides a landing page that really stands out and makes a visual impact for the visitors on the site.

We have also added an online booking system to the website meaning that admin time is reduced for the staff members. Customers are able to place a booking online….

To get some featured imagery for the websites front page we decided to send one of the team out to take large realistic images of the restaurant. This is in-line with current trends in web design and was the best way to capture the rebranding and give the customers a feel for the restaurant environment.

The site also features an e-commerce portal where you can purchase gift vouchers to spend at the restaurant.




Taking a look at the bigger picture – Online Photography Portfolios

Photography Website Design

The Oxygen team were approached by two photographers in the Rugby area to help design and develop their new websites. Each client had a unique perspective when considering how they desired their website to be designed. We had the task of fully understanding the client’s needs whilst making it work for the target audience.

Victoria Alice Photography (by Julie Mrowicki-Green):

Capturing images of peoples loved ones is at the heard of Victoria Alice Photography. Julie’s primary focus on weddings, family images, events and outdoor style photos. We had to ensure this personal perspective wasn’t lost within her website. We tried to achieve this by taking a more structured approach with her content. Breaking up each of her key sectors and placing the content in a pleasing format that reaches out to her target audience!

Victoria Alice have utilised a key web design trend with full width realistic photographs scaling the background of the site. This technique of full width imagery provides real accounts of the types of images Victoria Alice takes.


Annie Johnston Photography (by Annie Johnston):

Annie wanted to find a way in which to approach her potential market without compromising on design. Having worked with clients such as Boots, Bride & Groom and Good Housekeeping. We agreed the best way to do this would be to demonstrate the types of industries she had worked with. We wanted to provide a clean professional approach that appeals to her target audience. This was achieved by having a standard webpage that is quick and




Hey Siri, Where can I get my Mac fixed in Northampton?

Northampton Apple Repair are an Apple repair centre located just outside Northampton town centre (I know, you would have never guessed their location would you!).  Their services range from iPhone screen replacement through to Mac, IMac and Macbook hardware repairs.  What these guys don’t know about the world of Apple is just not worth knowing!

Northampton Apple Repair commissioned Oxygen to develop their brand with a new, modern logo providing more impact and appeal to their target market.

The design brief was simple, “can our brand be just like Apple, but not actually be Apple…”.   So, off to work we went.

Logo Design

The logo design was based around the clean graphics used on all Apple devices, but we couldn’t use a certain piece of ‘fruit’ because of copyright infringement, so we started to brainstorm key words that we all associate with Apple problems….cracked screen…scratches…buffering…BOOM! Our eureka moment, how many times do all us Apple users see that wonderful ticking circle and know our lives are momentarily going to end, this was our muse. Incorporating Apple’s 80’s syle rainbow colour scheme and a simple font the logo was created.

Website Design

Northampton Apple Repair required a professional internet presence which advertised their services, as their tag line suggests they provide simple, effective support, so their website followed the same simple and effective design.

Our popular single page site design was developed for the project with navigable sections created to house services, imagery and contact information for the business.


A5 flyers were created following the same branding and style of the




Covering the Mobile Generation

Compucover have been providing specialist IT insurance against theft and accidental damage since 1996. To date, they have over 500,000 clients and have become one of the UK’s leading specialist IT insurers.

Compucover commissioned Oxygen Graphics to progress their brand with a new, modern logo aligning their brand closer to their target market. The new logo stands up tall, bold and confident, capturing the character of the new branding with a fresh look. The logo has been designed to work seamlessly across multiple channels including, mobile, web & print. The old logo didn’t offer much to the brand image, but now the new logo has become an asset to the business.

The old logo included many of the characteristics of what is considered to be ‘old-fashioned’ logo design such as, drop shadows and capitalised lettering. Now, the new logo is bang on trend with the latest happenings in logo design. Totally lowercase with a geometric design, it presents a cleaner, simpler image that will increase appeal to their target market.

Once the logo was created, we could set about designing and building the new website. Like all Oxygen websites, it is now fully mobile responsive ensuring a seamless experience for Compucover customers across all channels.


We introduced a much more graphic theme, using large scale images on the homepage with a slider to showcase the three policy types on offer, business, education & individual. We got rid of the gradient border from the old site and replaced it with an expansive, full page site design to




Making Student Life Easier in Coventry


Uni City Lodge is a provider of student accommodation based in Coventry city centre, only a few minutes walk from Coventry University. As a student, leaving your parents for the first time is a scary step, that’s why Uni City Lodge aims to make your life easy, offering a range of rooms to accommodate to your individual needs from single to four bedroom apartments.

Uni City Lodge commissioned Oxygen to develop their brand with a new, modern logo providing more impact and appeal to their target market. To ensure the logo and branding are used correctly, we created their brand guidlines to keep their branding consistent and make sure it is used in the correct context.


Once the logo was finalised, Oxygen started to work on updating the website. The brief  we were given was that it had to be a slick, user-friendly website allowing for an online quoting and booking system to reduce the office admin having to handle student enquiries. Like all our websites, Oxygen Graphics has made sure it is fully responsive on mobiles and works effectively.


If you have a new project, whether it is a logo, website or you’re a new business, get in touch with us and we will offer an hour free consultation.

T. 01788 561991

33 Albert Street
United Kingdom
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July Offers 2016

It’s our First Class Display and Print sale this July. Why ‘First Class’ you’re wondering? These days it’s always possible to find someone to do something cheaper, but we would love to share how our print quality compares with others. We have put together introductory offers on lots of new ways to promote yourself, so you can be one of the first to get the look.

Up to 60% off bestselling StarMarque Business Cards. You won’t fail to get noticed with eye-catching spot gloss highlights!

£20 off Grand Suede Folders. We now offer these folders in A5 as well as A4 because they were so popular! Both have a lovely soft touch, suede-feel lamination and are printed on every side and flap.

Save £99 on a Free SSL Certificate. What’s SSL? You know when you visit some websites, you see a little padlock symbol in the browser bar? That means that the website is securely encrypting data it’s sending between you and the server. That is important for keeping data safe. If people are registering on your website, or you’re storing any personal details, you should definitely consider SSL.

Save £100 off both backdrop Curve Stands 24 and 30. Lightweight and eye-catching, both are great backdrops for your expo. Both are double sided, made of numbered, aluminium tubes which click together with a snug-fit, stretchy fabric graphic. They are machine washable.


If you are interested in our July offers, please visit or feel free to drop us a line on 01788 561991 or stop by

Pushing delete key



Where has my website gone?

Deep breath… and slowly count to three. An online business owners worst nightmare would be to have their website completely disappear from the face of the Internet. It could all be made worse if it’s a client that has alerted you to the problem or if it’s launch day for a new product or service.

We’ve let the dust settle before commenting on this story, as it’s not good to rub salt into people’s wounds. On one Saturday morning during April this year, 123-reg (one of the UK’s hosting big boys) managed to delete 67 servers worth of website data and even after 5 days, they were unable to restore data to all their customers. Their response to that was that the service is unmanaged and it’s the customer’s responsibility to carry out backups – but we are doing everything we can. Effectively this had deleted their customers online business – problematic if you are an online only retailer!


So, to help ensure this doesn’t happen to you, here are 5 questions you should be asking your current or future web host:

What type of hosting do you provide?

For maximum uptime and reliability, ideally you want cloud hosting or hosting using a CDN (Content Delivery Network). If you are offered hosting on a VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or shared hosting you are at the mercy of websites also hosted with you. If they use up server resources, your website will start to struggle. Dedicated servers are the other item offered – with this you are

Solar Flare Web



Solar Flare

Solar Flare specialise in top quality video production and making engaging video content for businesses. They produce a variety of excellent videos including: videos for websites, business training and education. Video is one of the primary and most effective tools in visual marketing. For example, did you know that up to 85% of viewers are more likely to buy after watching a video?

Solar Flare Web

Oxygen Graphics were involved in the creating of their one page, mobile responsive website, the primary function of which is an online portfolio to showcase their video work. It features streaming video, a blog section to keep visitors up to date with current projects and useful video industry articles. It also includes many ways to contact the company for its services and engage them on social media.

Visit the live site at

Thank you again to the team at Solar Flare for shooting our quirky, promotional video!