Standing out in a crowded market place – Zoom Recruitment

Zoom Recruitment is a recruitment agency based in Kent who had approached the team at Oxygen to help them develop a way to stand out from the crowd within the recruitment industry.

We helped zoom by rebranding their current logo and creating a new website for them with added functionality.

The team at Oxygen helped develop and design a new mobile responsive website for Zoom with some unique features that give them a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. Zoom needed something that would communicate and integrate with their existing systems and therefore communication was key to this process.

Zoom’s old site was unfortunately subject to a malicious hacking. As standard with the development of their new site, we provided them with additional security to ensure this doesn’t happen again. By installing software to run alongside the new site it added another level of security that helped to make the team at Zoom feel more protected against this level of exploitation in the future.

Job Boards:

The larger recruitment sites such as Reed and Monster are cluttered with recruitment agencies and employees pitching jobs to prospects.  This makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd as a recruitment agency due to the sheer amount of jobs being posted. Oxygen helped develop a job board that is personal to the jobs that zoom upload and provided this on their website.

The integrated job board means that clients trying to find a job using the Zoom Recruitment website will only be able to see the jobs that

QR Code



QR codes, dead and buried?

You’ve probably all heard of QR Codes but how many of you have used them? There is so much publicity on QR codes and how they are irrelevant or just a marketing fad.

This got members of Oxygen talking and our views are very different. We feel that QR codes have a major place for businesses and here are the top 5 reasons why!

1 – Real Time promotions

Make information minimal by providing a QR code in the correct location.
Use QR codes to give customers the most accurate up to date information!

2 – Provide a quick connection between the physical and the virtual

Scan the QR code and be presented with mobile responsive webpage.
Saves you time by not having to type in a web address reduces the chances of typos.
It’s a useful way of showcasing your website for the mobile content viewer!

3 – Trackable

Ability to monitor the campaigns success using tracking software therefore makes it a valuable marketing tool.

4 – The Curiosity factor

The idea that you don’t know what it connects too is just too much for us at Oxygen

5- They’re free!

Considering it’s free to create a QR code what’s the harm in trying one for your business.

On The Rocks Restaurant have a QR code system for their gift vouchers purchased via their website. Staff scan the QR code and determine the value of the voucher. The data from the scan also checks if the gift card is valid. This unique method provides a quick and efficient means of processing vouchers in a busy restaurant environment.

Webropol have utilised the QR code for their business cards.




Top Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends of 2017

Over time trends in web-designs have drastically changed. Webpages have had to adapt to the fast rate of technological advancement. As technology advances so does our ability to create unique user experiences on websites. Here are a few of the trends to watch out for in 2017.

Large Background Imagery:

Stock images are becoming a thing of the past for websites. Users are looking for a more real approach to web-design and the fake smiles of stock photos are seemingly becoming a thing of the past.  Real full width imagery is resonating with the user to give a genuine feel for your branding.

Overload run website: is a prime example of a site utilising this trend. This is used to portray the true emotions portrayed by actual customers in this gruelling cross terrain run! Selecting the right images is key to ensuring this trend is successful.

Video Backgrounds:

Much like above with the large set images this trend is very similar. They say a picture says a thousand words. A video does even more! We have seen some great examples of this being applied on websites and we even have applied it for our own customers.

Solarflare website: Solarflare wanted a way to catch there users attention to some of the services they offer. We provided a unique background video so that as soon as you arrive on the landing page your attention is caught to the well thought of background video’s.

Whilst video isn’t a new trend per se it is

Solar Flare Web



Solar Flare

Solar Flare specialise in top quality video production and making engaging video content for businesses. They produce a variety of excellent videos including: videos for websites, business training and education. Video is one of the primary and most effective tools in visual marketing. For example, did you know that up to 85% of viewers are more likely to buy after watching a video?

Solar Flare Web

Oxygen Graphics were involved in the creating of their one page, mobile responsive website, the primary function of which is an online portfolio to showcase their video work. It features streaming video, a blog section to keep visitors up to date with current projects and useful video industry articles. It also includes many ways to contact the company for its services and engage them on social media.

Visit the live site at

Thank you again to the team at Solar Flare for shooting our quirky, promotional video!

Oscar Selfie



Looking way back at social media trends

You may already know that last week was #WayBackWeek, a social media trend across Facebook, Instagram and twitter, where people shared fantastic photos of themselves from when they were younger – cue all the embarrassing outfits, cute poses and hilarious haircuts you had absolutely no choice about!

Through researching about #WayBackWeek, it has become apparent that there is no direct source as to how it began. But surely it had to start somewhere? People all over the world joined in with the cult movement but no one knows why or how it started. We aren’t complaining though, it’s a great excuse to poke fun at ourselves and show we can all have a little light-hearted banter.

It’s ‘younger brother’, as it were, #ThrowbackThursday began when Matt Halfhill (pictured below), founder of Nice Kicks, decided to post a photo of an old shoe every Thursday (each to their own) to try to break up his feed of the new fashions. This trend has evolved to become not only posting old photos, but music people used to listen to (I say bring back S Club 7, or for my colleagues, some TLC!) and the best sporting event highlights. It just goes to show how one post can have such a big impact on social media and how quick it can catch on to become a trend.

The staff here at Oxygen thought it would be comical to share some of our own #WayBackWeek photos to the world. Can you match our faces to our names?




Hamburgers, The Apple Car and Beautiful Typography

As 2016 is now in full swing; people have nearly finished talking over what that “one” person did at the office Christmas party; how everyone spent the new year; and we’re all just about getting over the phenomena of Siri being able to beatbox; I take this opportunity to look at how 2015 changed the internet and I cast some predictions as to what 2016 will bring in terms of web design, social media and online advertising. I will save my predictions about the much rumoured Apple Car for another blog.


1. Smarter online advertising

We became well and truly in love with our mobile phones in 2015 and on 21st April last year, Google reflected this in the way it displayed search results, the day some industry professionals dubbed “mobilegeddon”. Big names moved off the top spot (such as M&S, Next and the AA) and other more mobile friendly sites flourished. As we continue to make our way through 2016, it’s key to ensure you have a responsive, mobile friendly site.

Search Engine Optimisation (known as SEO) also took some blows last year, no longer can you just fill your site with hidden or obscure keywords, search engines are becoming more intelligent and are looking for authoritative, “fresh” content, relevant links and interaction from others. Be very wary of creative studios offering SEO services with a heavy dependence on keywords alone.

Social Media advertising also gained substantial momentum in the last 12 months seeing a 28.9% rise in advertising spend on the platforms




Rugby Fireworks

It’s that time of year to wrap up warm and watch another terrific firework event! Oxygen Graphics is working closely with Rugby Round Table, the organisers of the biggest and best Firework event in the area, to increase awareness of the event and sell tickets. The design team created the artwork based on a “Tiki” theme for this event which is used on various marketing collateral including posters, leaflets and external banners. Oxygen also designed and developed the website for Rugby Fireworks where a video from last year’s event is displayed. The importance of marketing events is to choose the right applications and channels to make sure the marketing message is constant.

Oxygen Graphics designed and created this poster along with other marketing collateral to advertise the event.

Rugby Fireworks has been held every year on the Saturday closest to Guy Fawkes’ Night since it was established by Rugby Round Table in 1956. This year, the gates open at 4pm on Saturday 7th November at the Whinfield Rec on Clifton Road.

All the profits from ticket sales will go towards good causes and local charities. So why not treat yourself to a fantastic night full of entertainment and support the charity event? Tickets cost £5 in advance, £7 on the gate and children under 3 are free!

This epic night will include performances by: Area 51 fire performers, White Men Can’t Funk, Speak Brother and Silver Side.

Watch the video below to get a real feel of how great the event was last year!