Lower Precinct Shopping Centre


About Project:

Lower Precinct Shopping Centre

Oxygen Graphics were involved in adding a few feature requests to Coventry's Lower Precincts Shopping Centre existing website in conjunction with Jade Studio. These included a password-protected portal for shop tenants of the centre to log in to read store announcements, download resources and participate in an internal forum for open discussions with the shopping centre admin.

Another exciting addition was the development of a custom themed sub section of the site for the 'LP Kids Cubs Club' which was themed to appeal to children and based around the shopping centre mascot 'Lenny The Lion'.

All aspects of the LP website, including the LP Cubs Club are content manageable and easily administrated by LP Staff via the use of our internal FAQ user guide which we documented alongside the new developments.

All Lower Precinct and Cubs Club Graphics by The Jade Studio, Coventry.

Project Elements
web design, Intranet, added functionality, internal user guide, css3 animation

Visit the live site at lowerprecinct.com