Time to start planning for your business marketing needs?

As things slow down for Christmas, it’s the perfect opportunity to review your marketing and think about how you’re going to support and grow your business in the New Year. Or perhaps you’re looking to start a new business in January and are not sure what you should have to successfully launch it. Whatever stage your business and/or marketing is at, we would be delighted to sit down and help you to achieve the perfect results.

Planning small

Enhance an established business?

Once a year, it’s important to look at what your marketing has achieved. What activities were successful and which ones were not. And because the choice of marketing channels is vast, you might want to investigate new ways of reaching your target customers – perhaps add a social media channel, run a direct mail campaign, do some magazine advertising, switch to email marketing, consider SEO or Google AdWords. Remember there are no right or wrong answers to marketing; you just need to make sure you monitor and measure the results so you don’t end up wasting time and money.

Taking the time to look ahead to the New Year now means you’ll hit the ground running when you get back to the office after the Christmas break. You’ll feel refreshed, you’ll have plans, goals and strategies for your business and you’ll have accessed the right help and support you need to get you organised and ready.

Launch a new business?

With any new business you need to think about what you actually need. Some design agencies will try to tell you that when you start a new business that you should have everything. We do not. We prefer you to have just the essentials – logo/branding, business cards, stationery and a website. The rest, flyers, brochures, adverts, pull up banners, promotional merchandise etc. can be added at a later date if they are deemed absolutely necessary.

Speaking to someone who understands and deals with new business launches on a weekly basis is essential. It will help you to maximise your time and budget, whilst giving you an identity that is creative, visually impactful and memorable, enabling you to stand out from the crowd. So before you breeze into the Christmas break, make an appointment with us now so that come January, you’ll be ready to create a buzz with your new business.

Get in touch and make things happen!

Call us now 01788 561991 and come and see us before Christmas. Over a delicious coffee, we can chat about what you want to achieve and together we can make it happen.