Our 5 Top Marketing Tips For Business

Our top marketing tips whatever your business goal, as you can’t just focus on one area. You need to include a mix of different activities both online and offline. You won’t need a budget to break the bank, just a little creativity.

Top 5 Marketing Tips For Business

Optimise SEO

Being page one of Google is most businesses goals. The reality is, it’s hard work and requires a lot of money and resources to stay on page one organically.

Digital Marketing tips

Google will send a potential customer to the most relevant sites for the searches performed. To trusted, user-friendly, well-optimised sites. The best starting point is to have a search engine friendly website with relevant structured content your customers will want to see.

  • Relevance is key – What would your customer be looking for?
  • Keywords – Identifying appropriate keywords
  • Performance – Are site speed slow, are all pages working without errors?
  • Security – Does your site look safe, do you have an SSL certificate?
  • User Experience – Is your site easy to navigate, mobile responsive?


Paid Search

Google paid adverts are a way of driving traffic instantly to your website.

Google Search, Google Display and Google Shopping cover all the areas you could possibly need to advertise your business via Google Adwords.

Adverts at the top, side and even bottom of Google Search are all paid adverts. They also do placement adverts on related Google sites, on the sites that are likely to be visited but your target audience.

Google adverts can be completely tailored to your company goals, with specific targets in mind. Pay-Per-Click adverts mean you only pay when someone clicks your advert. You decide the daily or monthly budgets.

Google Search


Another way of creating awareness of your brand is writing blog posts. Not only will interesting content draw potential customers, Google likes websites that have fresh relevant content.

  • Consistency – Keep posts consistent and at regular intervals. Frequent updates make subscribers know what to expect and to anticipate your next insight.
  • Don’t just sell – It’s good practice to not just drive the hard sell. Blog things of potential customer interest too!


Print and Direct Mail

With the ever-growing vast variety of ways to market online, offline marketing still offers a good return on investment.

Mailshots, handouts, posters and magazine inserts are just some of the offline marketing avenues you can pursue. Your online marketing will be more effective if you back it up with offline marketing.

At the end of a client meeting or networking, you can’t hand them your website or Facebook page. Having something physical that they can take away and refer back to leaves a lasting positive impression. Such as brochures, leaflets, handouts to business cards.


Social Media and Engagement

The best way to succeed in social media is to listen and being there when customers need.

Humanise your marketing campaign, nobody likes to feel like a number. Let customers know they are talking to real people, ensuring they know they’re a valued customer.

As we live in the ‘mirco-moment’ world online, you need to be ready across all channels to communicate with customers. On whichever medium they choose.

  • Communication – Engagement is the way to build lifelong customers.
  • Be there – Make sure you are on all social media channels your customers will be.
  • Relatable – create likable and shareable content
  • Pick up the phone – Talk to your clients, network!
  • Publish – Regularly write and be consistent.

Social Media

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