7 Design Requests To Make Creatives Cringe!

Working in a design studio we sometimes get asked to produce something that makes our creative mojo die a little inside. The job of a Designer or Developer is to educate the client to ensure that what they are asking for is really going to help achieve the objectives they have in mind!

In this blog, we have pooled together some common misconceptions or errors that customers request that hinders their chances at marketing success.

To avoid facing these issues take note of the following to really get the best quality, whether it be a simple business card or a piece of sales literature with a clear focus on acquiring new customers!

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1. Can I Have Music Playing On The landing page?

The issue with having music playing on the landing page is that this can be very distracting to a potential customer. The website viewer may already have music playing, this will instantly make them want to get off your web page as soon as possible! It’ll be a shock to certain users who are unsure of where the music is coming from and may have the volume turned up high! It’s unprofessional and doesn’t provide the right message to the target markets! If you need to display some sort of music on your home page the best method is to not have it ‘autoplay’ simply give the user the ability to control the music!

2. Providing The Right Product For The Purpose!

Sometimes people get their heads set on a certain media type. Whether it be a flyer or a show card, these are fit for certain purposes. Asking for a product brochure on a flyer is just a headache for any Designer. The reason this doesn’t work as having a brochure on a flyer is just too cluttered and will not achieve the result you require. Product brochures should be in a brochure format. Something that you can turn the pages and learn about each product. This level of detail on a flyer will just not work as intended! We provide you with the right type of print or web media to use so that your advertising and marketing can perform well!

3. Copying Other People’s Designs

“I’ve seen this and want the same thing” Unfortunately, this is a very upsetting phrase for a Designer. We dislike being limited in the design process and hate ripping off other people’s work and styles. Designers like a challenge, something they can engage their artistic flair upon and copying another design doesn’t allow for this.

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4.  Sliding Home Page Banners – “Can I have 10 images in my slider?”

We advise not. The way people interact with and view websites these days have changed. Homepage sliders are becoming a thing of the past. Unfortunately, users aren’t sitting and waiting to see each slide. People are viewing the first 1 or 2 images and then scrolling through the rest of the content on the website. To get a better understanding of why these don’t work visit here: http://shouldiuseacarousel.com

hi-low-res5. Supplying Low-Resolution Images 

This ties in closely with point 6. The supply of low-quality images and then not being happy with the outcome.  “Can you not take the images from our website”. The main issue with this question is that web images are scaled to 72dpi whereas we and most printers work at 300 dpi meaning that the images you use are going to be scaled poorly. If you want your print to look the best quality ensure you are providing the highest quality images available to you as this will provide the best outcome with the print!

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6. Artwork Being Provided In Microsoft Packages

‘Final Copy Front Cover V3.doc’. As Graphic Designers, there is nothing more frustrating than having final designs being created in Word documents or in Powerpoint. These file types do not consider the challenges that are faced when going to print. To make something ready for print we have to ensure there is sufficient bleed. Adding tick marks to ensure the cutting process runs smoothly.  We have to convert all files to RGB colour format to ensure there will be no discrepancies with print colour. All of these are really hard to apply especially when the files have been supplied in a Microsoft Package. To try and prevent this try providing PDF’s or if possible files using Graphic Design packages such as Adobe Indesign or Photoshop & Illustrator.

7. Make my logo bigger

As Graphic Designers & branding experts, we position your logo to give it the most prominence. We utilise something called ‘Breathable Space’. This is the correct amount of spacing around the logo to make it stand out better! Bigger isn’t always better the logo is just a small section of the artwork! If you are still unsure as to why making your logo bigger isn’t always better view this site: http://www.makemylogobiggercream.com


This is an insight to some of the things we get asked that make us cringe. We work hard to ensure that we produce the highest quality print and web for our customers. We Utilise our years of experience and industry know-how to ensure your happiness with the products we create. If you have any ideas that you want our help with feel free to get in touch and we will work our hardest to help you achieve your goals!