Be A Big Fat Brand Strawberry – Get Picked!

It’s June 2017 (Already) and that means another new and exciting offer of the month! This month we are focusing on all things branding and helping you to develop as companies. It’s all about making the right first impressions and that’s where we come in!


Be A Big Fat Brand Strawberry - Get Picked!

Be a great big brand strawberry!

Why are strawberries red? And what the pip has that got to do with marketing? Bear with me on this!

Birds know that red berries are the ripest and tastiest. Strawberries have evolved to advertise their tastiness by changing colour to an intense red. What’s in it for them? Birds eat the fruit, can’t digest the seeds and scatter them around the area.

This made us think. We’re all in business to attract attention and get picked. Right? The trick is making sure it’s YOU that customers want to pick.






This is not the time to be shy!

Your logo is a visual shortcut which reminds people who you are!

We design corporate identities for businesses just like yours every day! Let’s think how many times your logo will be seen?Are you proud of it?

You should be proud of your logo. Liberally plaster it everywhere! You’ll definitely use it on your website, Business cards, Business stationary! What about your brochures, folders and price lists?

It may even be on your vehicles or your clothing and don’t forget your signage!

Just how many times will this logo be seen? How many people drive past your premises each hour? What hits are you getting on your site? Your logo could be seen MILLIONS of times each year!



It’s so much more than a logo!

Some people think a “brand” is just a logo.

Got a logo? That’s my branding done. Tick the box. That was easy!

It’s so much more than that! Your brand is how customers describe you to their friends.It’ss the way you answer your phone. The way your website reads. The language you use in your print media. How your team react when a customer walks into your place!

The brand is how you make your customers feel!






Perception is part of your brand

People make judgements about the quality of your business, based on the feel of your brand. They judge everything on the overall experience.

If your website is out-of-date, if your brochures are skimpy, if your marketing looks amateur then customers will be subconsciously judging you!

We’ve permanently reduced the prices of our Premium Silk range. Now’s the time to supercharge your refresh with elegant leaflets, brochures or a new catalogue! It’s never been more affordable.

Make yourself look irresistible. Get Picked!



Silk Leaflets





Premium Silk Leaflets

Here’s our most popular sizes and quantities of Premium Silk Leaflets. More options are available online, including thicker or thinner finishes!








Silk Booklets



Give Your Booklets More Punch!

The insides of our booklets are available in the lightweight 100gsm paper up to luxurious 170gsm silk.

If you’re mailing out your booklets, then it makes sense to opt for lighter paper. Stick to A5 or smaller to get the lowest postal rate.

Choose the same paper throughout your booklet, or for the ultimate impression, opt for a thicker cover. Covers can be gloss or matt laminated, or for the most eye-catching look, pick StarMarque spot gloss highlights.






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