Overload Run
Normally when you hear the word ‘overload’ your mind conjures images of steam rolling out from under the hood of your car. Or even worse, let’s just say, you never want to hear ‘overload’ in conjunction with an elevator ride! But the folks over at the Overload Run wanted to convey just that: an obstacle course that pushed the limits of participants until the car started steaming and the elevator started screeching. They built an obstacle course worthy of its name with continuous hills, muddy ditches and man-made hazards scattered throughout. 
Before it conjured images of total exhaustion and system failure, the Overload Run was simply an obstacle course – an extremely difficult one, yes, but an obstacle course among many other obstacle courses. It needed personality. It needed uniqueness. It needed marketability. Oxygen was tapped with giving the challenge everything it needed to become the successful event it is today. Starting with its name.
The first step to creating the perfect campaign began with Oxygen’s strategic marketing workshop, where we covered everything from name ideas, logos, colors, website development and promotional materials including flyers, brochures, banners and vehicle wraps. Once it was clear to the team at Oxygen that the run was indeed overloaded with challenge after challenge, the name Overload Run seemed like an obvious choice. From there we developed all the components necessary to carry out our strategic marketing plan:
At Oxygen we don’t need to farm out pieces of your project to other firms – we handle it all from strategic marketing and website design to graphics and printing. We’re able to conceptualize the project from inception and carry the perfect design elements throughout to create a seamless and cohesive product.  

If you’re feeling overloaded by an upcoming project and don’t know where to start, contact us t: 01788 561 991. Even better, book into one of our marketing workshops and take your product or project from idea to a perfectly executed plan. Call or email for more information: info@oxygengraphics.co.uk