Why Your Business Can’t Do Without Google!

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How Your Business Can Benefit!

Everyone you meet has a different opinion about Google. But love it or loath it, if you are running a business today, we don’t believe that it’s possible for it to grow and develop without using some of Google’s popular tools and services.

Of course we worry about its internet monopoly and the fact that “google” has now become a verb, however when it comes to online advertising, search engine, cloud computing, software, hardware and general global reach, Google really is a good partner to have on your side!

Obviously some of Google’s services are free, whilst for others there can be a substantial cost. But regardless of your budget, here are the top ten reasons why we think you need to embrace Google.

Top 10 Reasons

  1. Google Search Engine – 65-70% of all global internet searchers are done via Google.
  2. Google Analytics – provides the most accurate web traffic statistics and links with other Google services to give you good insight into how your website is performing.
  3. YouTube Google own YouTube and in terms of daily searches it tops the list, so if video is part of your marketing strategy, you need this channel.
  4. Google Keyword Planner – search for popular keywords and key phrases that are being used so you can create content that will help attract traffic to your website.
  5. Google+ – not the most popular of social media channels but it’s growing quickly and is becoming more influential thanks to its link to other Google products.
  6. Google Maps – ideal to find out where a place is, its contact details and how to get there. If your business has a physical location you need it in order for people to find you.
  7. Google AdWords (will become Google Ads from 24 July and will include Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager) – by advertising online you can attract more people to connect and engage with your website via different mediums – video, text and display.
  8. Google Translate – well used translation tool that makes it easy for people of all nationalities to read your content.
  9. Google Play – 75% of the global smartphone/tablet market is android so if you intend to make your mark within the app market, you can’t do without one of the largest mobile app stores online.
  10. Google Chrome – the most widely used browser online.

So now that you’ve read the top reasons to embrace Google, what are you going to do? With their gigantic network of interlinking tools and services, it’s almost impossible to get very far without it. In summary, using Google enables you to reach a bigger audience online, quickly and easily using the most effective and integrated tools available.

Don’t forget that we can help you to strengthen your online presence, everything from website design to videos and Google keywords to running a successfully Google AdWords campaign.

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