Consistent Marketing Converts

Being Consistent is the key to success!

Your logo and brand are visual shortcuts. They powerfully help people remember you. Be Clear!

The more consistent you are, the more powerful the memory magnification effect.

Consistent Marketing

Let’s Picture It

You’ve been trying to win a customer, you amaze them with a new brochure or mailer you’ve produced. Or maybe it was the fancy new banner on that attracted them to your premises?

The question is, what do they do next?

Probably Google you, almost certainly look at your website. Why? For more information and for the assurance. So they can decide for themselves if you’re credible.

Does the “Online you” match the “Offline you”??

According to Google, 76% of people visit a local business within 24 hours of searching on their mobile. 28% end up actually buying something.

Does your website match your signage? Are there different generations of branding across your leaflets, brochures, posters and website? Different colour schemes, does it even look like the same brand anymore?

To a stranger, that’s confusing. Confusing the customer from the off is a sure way to block any sales from taking place.

Salon Purple Marketing

All Roads Lead To Your Website

It’s easy to give equal weight to all your products and services you have to offer. In doing this you’d be doing your business a disservice.

People visit your site for a reason, figure out what that main reason is. Then make it the single biggest call-to-action on the relevant page. If they are indeed looking for something else also, trust them to find it on your menu.

Reasons for the visit can change too. On a bank holiday, why do they visit your site? To find out if you’re open. Don’t make people hunt for the information, people lose interest very quickly. Put it up front at the right times. We build websites you can edit yourself, so you can make sure information like this is always readily available and up to date for your customers.

We build websites which can do stuff. Like bookings and e-commerce sites. Get in touch for a copy of our Websites guide and we’ll be able to give you a fixed price proposal to help yours perform for today’s visitors.

Make your message clear with our February Offers

A4 Purple Salon Booklet

Booklets 20% Off

Sometimes a story needs space to unfold. A booklet gives you more room to expand on what you do and who you are.

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Business Cards 20%

You don’t need a psychology lecture on how the quality of your business card influences peoples perception of your quality of business. You’ve heard it often enough I’m sure.Purple Salon Business Cards


Instead, ask “is it clear what you do”? You’d be surprised how many cards we actually see with just a business name.


Use the reverse of the card to list your services, spell it out! Or splash a pic of your best selling product.

Contact us for more information on business cards.



Make sure your business is consistent across the board, get in touch today and see how we can help you do this.


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