Facebook: Why like & share competitions don’t work.

Here’s a holiday that you are not likely to win! All you need to do is LIKE and SHARE.


Every day, I’m sure your news feed contains free cars, luxury holidays or aspirational products that someone has unwittingly shared because they’re being giving away for absolutely nothing – well, other than a harmless like and a share.

So, how many of you have actually won? I’m thinking not a great deal of you. That’s all because there are several fundamental flaws in the plan when it comes to the way Facebook works for both businesses and users.

Facebook Likes

Here are my reasons why a Facebook like and share just doesn’t work.

1.) Privacy Settings

As default, your shared posts are visible to “Friends” only. Maybe even “Friends of Friends” if your settings aren’t overly secure. Now, if you (the sharer) aren’t friends with the original poster, they’ll be able to see that the post has been shared by someone, just not you.

If you are going to win that holiday your share needs to be made “Public”.

2.) It’s against the rules

Yep, you’ve read that right – like and share competitions are actually against Facebook’s rules. (https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php)

3.) Facebook’s Algorithm

Ever wondered what the reason behind a post appearing on your news feed is? Well, I couldn’t tell you the exact science, but it’s all worked out using an algorithm. That algorithm is designed to stop the spread of poor quality, spammy posts showing on other’s news feeds. So everyone’s efforts may be in vein anyway.

4.) It doesn’t get you quality likes

If you are wanting to increase your pages visibility, it’s all about growing a fan base that contains loyal customers and users that interact with your page. Only quality likes bring that with them. Having a page with 10,000 followers that will only ever share a post to win a luxury car will not help your page grow, however a page with 300 active users will be more visible and will grow at a much higher organic rate.

If you are looking at running some sort of Facebook contest, maybe the following would be a better idea in gaining you some quality likes.

1.) Name our newest product.

2.) Upload a photo of you using our product/holding our logo.

3.) Tell us a story about _____ using just 5 words.

4.) Ask a trivia question about your market sector or industry.

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