Facilitating Creative Learning in Schools

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At Oxygen Graphics we are proud to be working with learning establishments across the UK to encourage creative learning in schools.

The world is changing and is more uncertain than ever before. We agree with Lego, Sports in Schools and Engineering UK that creativity is a critical component in enabling us to cope, to find pleasure, and to use our imaginative and innovative powers to further our knowledge. We believe that it’s our responsibility as a business to help take children on a journey of exploration and fun.

Three recent projects have enabled us to produce a diverse range of items that assist in hands on teaching and learning in schools and colleges. They are also part of a wider remit in helping children to develop new skills and prepare them for their future, through a series of focused activities and challenges.


One of most recent projects has been with Lego Education where we have produced and distributed curriculum-aligned resources bring playful learning into the classroom. These have been specifically designed to make learning in schools more interesting, exciting and effective. After all, most of us have already experienced how the familiar LEGO® brick can stimulate your desire to learn, and to learn more, through curiosity, creativity, critical-thinking and collaboration. For more information visit Lego Education.

Sports in Schools

We have also been delighted to work Sports in Schools who work with community clubs and organisations to deliver and grow children’s rugby and sports programmes to schools across the UK. Quality sports coaching is at the heart of what they do and by doing this they are passionate about building long lasting relationships between organisations and their respective communities.

Through the production of marketing material such as gazebos, pop up banners, flags, leaflets and brochures, we have helped Sports in Schools to extend their reach by appealing to a wider audience. For more information visit Sports in Schools.

Engineering UK

Earlier in the year we helped Engineering UK to deliver Tomorrow’s Engineers’ EEP Robotics Challenge. Aimed at schools across the UK, the Robotics Challenge was a curriculum-linked programme that sees students (aged 11-14) working together in teams to solve real-world engineering, technology and computing challenges.

Over 400 schools, 800 teachers and 10,000 young people participated in the 25 events held across the country and Oxygen was responsible for producing a number of promotional items and boxed resources which were sent to schools, training events and competitions throughout the country. For more information visit Tomorrow’s Engineers.

We all know that creativity allows you to express yourself, promotes thinking and problem solving, reduce stress and anxiety whilst giving you a sense of purpose and allowing you to have fun. If you are thinking about ways to encourage and engage children, contact us and let us do the creative thinking for you.

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