We like to keep things light-hearted here at Oxygen but we need to get serious.

The Law is changing!

GDPR Changing Law Gavel and Laptop

It not only affects our business it will affect your business too! It’s not a Law that is just for those big corporations either we’re afraid.

We’ll try and do our best to make this clear to understand, it certainly gave us a sore head working it all out.

GDPR – Whats the Fuss All About?

If you use email marketing, send direct mail or make sales calls this will affect you! The law is changing what you can and can’t do.

This all comes into play 25th May 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

It may be easy to say “I’ll worry about it later”  The new GDPR law is a complex and extensive law. Here is some advice we’ve been able to put together that will help you comply with the new changes.

It’s easy to think you don’t collect data but if you’re using any tracking tools like Google Analytics on your website you are. This can include anything from individuals IP addresses or a simple contact form.

People have a right to know what personal information you’re storing about them and what data you might have.

Privacy Policy

If your site doesn’t have one it needs one to comply. It needs to tell people what you’re going to do with the data. We can provide templates for you to edit your business and remove the parts that aren’t applicable.  We can add a Privacy Policy page, starting at £49.

Email Marketing Options to say no?

GDPR Options to say noIt’s no longer acceptable to assume you have permission. It’s also not OK to have selected a pre-tick box for customers to untick. Those tricks may have been alright in the past, but not anymore.

Start getting consent now! If you wait for the deadline you could lose a lot of customer contacts.

If we’ve designed your site we can update these Opt-in, tune-up service which starts from £99. If we haven’t get in touch and we can discuss what we can do for you.

When did they agree it was ok? 

It’s not enough to just ask them to opt-in. You need to record the information of when they gave you permission. Logging exactly what they were shown and when they opted in for.

If you’d like us to manage the consent forms on your website, contact us about adding a customer database to your site.

What about existing customers?

GDPR say’s if there is another law that conflicts with it, that you should pay attention to the law instead.

When it comes to email and telephone marketing PECR legislation take priority. PECR has something called a ‘soft opt-in’ So if someone has brought something from you or negotiated to buy from your then its ok to send email marketing about similar things they were originally interested in.

Unfortunately, a new stricter ePrivacy law is being debated in parliament. So nobody knows if a ‘soft opt-in’ will continue to be allowed. So it makes sense to follow the stricter policy.

Opting out made easy

Opt out service for GDPR

People have the right to tell you to stop marketing to them. You must make it easy for them to opt-out. It’s good practice now to have an unsubscribe button on your email. Making it as easy as possible for them to click a link or simply reply unsubscribe.

On printed mailers, you need to tell customers what to do to stop receiving mailers. Don’t wait until May to do this, it’s best to get this completed now. However, you don’t need explicit consent to send mailers, letters, brochure or catalogue. Provided they haven’t opted out and that the content is relevant.

Once someone has opted out, it’s critical you stop sending stuff. Or you could face fines from the regulator!

We can create Opt-Out landing pages for you for a little as £199.

Telephone marketing

Telephone Preference Service is also known as TPS. Where you register and it stops you getting sales calls.

If you make calls to someone whos on the TPS list you are breaking the law. Leaving you liable to be fined. There is also the CTPS which is the corporate version if you call businesses.

Still confused by it all? Don’t worry, should you need any further advice or services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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