Good things happen when people get together! – Event the right way!

Good Things HappenMost of us sell to other people. More than ever, we have to create experiences for our customers. To give them what they can’t get online.

Exhibitions are great for finding new customers and expo season starts in September. But why wait ‘til then?

The comfort zone, It’s a beautiful place. But nothing grows there.

If you want to get extraordinary results, you’ve got to do things out of the ordinary. Get out. Meet people!

The exhibition season is upon us. This is how to maximise your results from any exhibit you hold!

Make them comeMake them come!

First things first. The invites. For an intimate event, mail something fancy. For a VIP look, your invites should match the experience. Opt for Opuleaf gold or silver foil or StarMarque spot gloss highlights to impress. For a larger event, leaflets inserted into the local paper or pushed through letterboxes will be appropriate.

Be a social butterfly. Multiply your message by posting the event on social media. Get people interested and build the buzz.

Make a spectacle

Create a bit of a spectacle!

We’re all a bit nosey. Make guests feel privileged to be invited and make passersby wonder what they’re missing out on.

Block out your windows with fabric and “closed for VIP event” posters. Stick a pair of flags either side of your door. Put some dramatic lighting outside. Turn up the tunes. Get them excited upon arrival.


Create a unique environment!

Use booths to zone off and create private areas. Perfect for rendezvous and storytelling. Set the scene and create the mood. Accent with old furniture.

Party WallBuild a social buzz!

Make it easy for people to share live photos at your event. Put up a selfie wall featuring your hashtag. Create a buzz on social media, so people who couldn’t make it this time will want to come next time.

If you have an exhibit or are simply buzzing about your company call us at Oxygen and we can discuss how to really help improve your marketing and make you stand out from the crowd at the next exhibit!