The past few weeks at Oxygen Graphics have been busy! We’ve had a wide range of work come our way, most recently two websites for new developments in Houlton! The development of these sites has been in collaboration with Urban & Civic and Creative agency WAA. The developers at Houlton are working with local organisations to help achieve their vision in Houlton and therefore reached out to us at Oxygen to help with developing the Radio Station Rugby Heritage and The Tuning Fork websites.

Come home to Houlton…

For those of you that don’t know yet. Urban & Civic are developing land in the east of Rugby. 6,200 homes will be created in the verdant Warwickshire countryside. If you want to know more take a trip to the Houlton visitors centre and try to understand the vision developers have for Houlton. Houlton is blending all the things that make living in the East of Rugby great.

The Tuning Fork

You’ll find this new eatery in their brand-new home at Dollman Farm which is in the heart of the new community of Houlton. The Tuning Fork have a wide variety of home-made locally sourced food alongside a great location to relax and escape.


View the website…

The primary focus of this multiple page responsive website was to ensure that customers knew exactly what The Tuning Fork had to offer. This includes downloadable menus & full social media integration, also utilising a Word Press blogging platform to inform customers of local news and events. This site was created in collaboration with Urban & Civic and WAA.

Rugby Radio Station

The Radio Station Rugby is a focal point for heritage within Houlton. The station was first made famous in 1927. It’s radio masts transmitted the country’s first ever phone conversation across the globe! The radio site provides a wealth of history to be told of the local area!

Rugby Radiostation Mockup

View the heritage site…

This responsive site has been created for the sole purpose of compiling an archive of historical information into helpful, easy to navigate categories. The website was designed with full social media integration including a unique sharing option within each article. Content management is a key feature for the site as the organisation can alter and change content on the site themselves therefore saving money.

We’re happy to see how Houlton is developing and have enjoyed working alongside Urban & Civic and WAA.

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