Is your website working as hard as it could be?

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Today 85% of all consumers will go online to find a local business to work with. So with the digital world growing in importance, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your website is working as hard as it can.  

Your website is your shop window to the world, a hard-working marketing/sales workhorse that’s operating 24/7 to promote your business. So to be effective, it needs to give customers and prospective customers the right impression of your brand, as well as sufficient information about your product or services.  

A good fit? 

Remember customers are not coming to your website because they’re looking for your sales pitch. They’re looking for information and reassurance. They want to learn more about your product or services, but they also want to get a sense of your business and the people they will be dealing with. Essentially, they want to know if you’re a good fit. 

Harness the power 

How a website is designed (and its overall look), is only one element that affects how website visitors respond to your business. So regardless of whether you have a new or an established website, by asking yourself the 20 questions below and then making vital changes based on the answers, will help you to harness the power of this vital online sales tool. 

  1. Can someone tell what your site is offering within 4-5 seconds? 
  2. Are loading times for images/graphics slow and off-putting? 
  3. Is your website responsive on all devices? 
  4. Do you have a strong call to action or way for visitors to stay in touch with you? 
  5. Is text on your site easy to read, understand and engage with? 
  6. Is there more you and your and less we and I in the content? 
  7. Does the content teach visitors something useful about you and what it would be like for them to work with you? 
  8. Are there links to social media channels? 
  9. Have you included plenty of (external) links to other websites and even (internal) links to other pages on your own site? 
  10. Does your website build trust by offering guarantees, free postage, certifications, accreditations etc.? 
  11. Do you demonstrate the benefits of using your business and the added value that customers would receive?  
  12. Have you used testimonials, links to review sites and third party endorsements to reassure visitors that you are the real deal? 
  13. Is your content updated on a regular basis with new and relevant and keyword rich information? 
  14. Is there clear and easy to follow navigation so visitors can find what they want easily? 
  15. Does your website utilise video to inform and educate visitors? 
  16. Do you use Google Analytics or other monitoring/tracking tools so you know where visitors are going on your site?  
  17. Is your site secure? Does https not http appear in your web address? 
  18. Is your site fully optimised? 
  19. Have you tried website advertising? Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, remarketing etc.? 
  20. Does your website give something away for free? Offer/vouchers, downloadable tips, eBook, entry into prize draw? 

When it comes to ensuring that your website is a heavy-weight champion, you need an entrepreneurial mind that understands both the market, technology and customer behaviours. ​At Oxygen that’s what we do, we transform your website into your hardest working employee who attracts visitors, generates enquiries/sales leads, and increases your company’s revenue every day of the year.

For more information about our dedicated website services, please get in touch. Alternatively contact us now for a free website and Google Ad review! 


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