logo graphic

The design team at Oxygen have been working hard creating new logos for more successful local businesses to build their brand, and we are very proud to showcase these professional and creative logos.

Logos are a significant part of branding a company; they are theoretically the heart of the company. A logo is a small symbol that reflects a company’s concept and values. As part of a company’s branding, it conveys personality and leaves a lasting impression on consumers.

You may not realise as consumers that colours affect your mood and they can play a key role in branding. For example, blue is a colour often associated with corporate companies, but it also signifies loyalty and integrity. Green is often related to growth and positivity, which tends to be used by construction firms, and environmental companies.

H&T Group Logo

H & T Services are an industrial cleaning company who wanted a simplistic logo that would compliment their existing branding. The crisp logo uses simple shapes and fonts effectively; this allows them to use the logo consistently throughout other aspects of their branding.

Edgeway Logo

Edgeway Environmental is a skip hire company who discard of environmental waste. They required a logo to forebode their company values, which relate to being environmentally friendly; this is symbolized through the autumnal colours of green, yellow and orange.

cdr logoClive from CDR architects wanted a simple, clean and crisp logo that was modern and sleek. The green and brown are used to reflect the environment; these colours are commonly associated with construction and in particularly architecture.

GMC_finallogo_RGBGet Me Connected provide high speed Internet and Wifi at events to enable visitors to access the Internet. Adam from Get Me Connected wanted a logo that highlights what services they provide and what the company is about. He also wanted his logo to be different and creative so it would be remembered.


Sticky Prospect is software that provides simple and intuitive business techniques to help you grow your business. They had their ideas of how they wanted their logo to look, so the team at Oxygen had to create a digital version of their vision. The idea was to have something that projects the word ‘sticky’, therefore using paint ‘splatter’ reflects the word ‘sticky’, and therefore this leaves a lasting impression on their customers.

If you would like a creative logo designed for your new or existing business then please contact the team at Oxygen to arrange a meeting.