Hey Siri, Where can I get my Mac fixed in Northampton?

Hey Siri, Where can I get my Mac fixed in Northampton?

Northampton Apple Repair are an Apple repair centre located just outside Northampton town centre (I know, you would have never guessed their location would you!).  Their services range from iPhone screen replacement through to Mac, IMac and Macbook hardware repairs.  What these guys don’t know about the world of Apple is just not worth knowing!

Northampton Apple Repair commissioned Oxygen to develop their brand with a new, modern logo providing more impact and appeal to their target market.

The design brief was simple, “can our brand be just like Apple, but not actually be Apple…”.   So, off to work we went.

Logo Design

The logo design was based around the clean graphics used on all Apple devices, but we couldn’t use a certain piece of ‘fruit’ because of copyright infringement, so we started to brainstorm key words that we all associate with Apple problems….cracked screen…scratches…buffering…BOOM! Our eureka moment, how many times do all us Apple users see that wonderful ticking circle and know our lives are momentarily going to end, this was our muse. Incorporating Apple’s 80’s syle rainbow colour scheme and a simple font the logo was created.

Hey Siri, Where can I get my Mac fixed in Northampton?

Website Design

Northampton Apple Repair required a professional internet presence which advertised their services, as their tag line suggests they provide simple, effective support, so their website followed the same simple and effective design.

Our popular single page site design was developed for the project with navigable sections created to house services, imagery and contact information for the business.

Hey Siri, Where can I get my Mac fixed in Northampton?


A5 flyers were created following the same branding and style of the website and logo. These will be used for local distribution.

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