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As autumn begins to fall upon us, as well as the leaves, it is that dreaded time of year again where we begin to prepare for Christmas.

Oxygen Graphics understand that this is a busy time for most businesses in the lead up to Christmas, especially when it comes to marketing. The October offers consist of half price edit & go Christmas cards, half price mass marketing leaflets, and 25% off both 14 month and hanging calendars.

Edit & go Christmas cards are a professional and personal touch for customers and clients from businesses, and they can separate you from your competitors. You can personalise your Christmas cards by saying thank you, letting them know you have moved premises, as well as making designing entirely around your brand so they never forget you and your work.

Taking advantage of our mass marketing flyers can increase income for your business over Christmas especially for pubs, restaurants and other catering facilities that will be very busy over the festive season. They are perfect for inserting into newspapers and putting through letterboxes enabling you to reach potential new customers.

Our calendars are an effective way to promote your branding amongst companies. You can create your own calendar coated in your logo and other brand elements so that your customers remember you. They are always useful to have around the office throughout the year.

If you require a design for your festive promotions to make them stand out from other competitors then please contact the team at Oxygen, we will be more than willing to help you grow your business in the lead up to Christmas making this a relaxing period, rather than an eventful one!