QR codes, dead and buried?

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You’ve probably all heard of QR Codes but how many of you have used them? There is so much publicity on QR codes and how they are irrelevant or just a marketing fad.

This got members of Oxygen talking and our views are very different. We feel that QR codes have a major place for businesses and here are the top 5 reasons why!

1 – Real Time promotions
  • Make information minimal by providing a QR code in the correct location.
  • Use QR codes to give customers the most accurate up to date information!
2 – Provide a quick connection between the physical and the virtual
  • Scan the QR code and be presented with mobile responsive webpage.
  • Saves you time by not having to type in a web address reduces the chances of typos.
  • It’s a useful way of showcasing your website for the mobile content viewer!
3 – Trackable
  • Ability to monitor the campaigns success using tracking software therefore makes it a valuable marketing tool.
4 – The Curiosity factor
  • The idea that you don’t know what it connects too is just too much for us at Oxygen
5- They’re free!
  • Considering it’s free to create a QR code what’s the harm in trying one for your business.

OntherocksQR Codes

On The Rocks Restaurant have a QR code system for their gift vouchers purchased via their website. Staff scan the QR code and determine the value of the voucher. The data from the scan also checks if the gift card is valid. This unique method provides a quick and efficient means of processing vouchers in a busy restaurant environment.


Webropol have utilised the QR code for their business cards. Each business card has a unique QR code taking viewers to a V Card. V cards are a mobile ready contact file that allows users to simply add all the data of this person to a contact in their phones.  This provides a unique way of finding more information out about an individual therefore having a minimalistic business card that doesn’t look cluttered.

Potential QR Code uses.

App Development – Simply place a QR code on you’re advert. Users scan the QR code and it brings them to the download page of the app. This reduces the time it takes for a user to move from discovering your app to downloading the app.

Links through to social media pages – A unique way to get customers to like or follow your social media page. Snapchat have implemented a QR code to add other Snapchat users!

A more bizarre method of using QR Codes, In Japan they are using QR codes on their graves/Tombstones… This is to provide mourning family and friends with an interactive overview of there loved ones lives.

Considering how QR codes can help your organisation? Want to know unique ways to increase customer acquisition. At Oxygen Graphics we can help!