9 Questions For Finding The Perfect Web Designer

Here at Oxygen, we want to help you know the right questions for finding the perfect web designer. Ensuring you know exactly what to look for in a web design agency.

Whether you’re looking for, from a simple static WordPress page or e-commerce site. You need to make sure you are asking the right questions. These questions will help you look and find the right information.

Recently we had a customer come to us to ‘Fix’ his brand new site. This is the last thing we want to see. Someone promised the earth and didn’t have the skills or capacity to deliver. The last thing we want is seeing people stitched up, quality and service are so important.


We believe your success is our success.


Now its time to do your homework, make sure you know what to ask when you want a new website or an old site rebuild.


9 Questions For Finding The Perfect Web Designer

1/ Firstly make sure they know what your goals are from your website!

Brand awareness, Online sales, Generating sales enquires, Driving traffic to landing pages, Encouraging more CTA calling the business

2/ What approach do you have for site usability?

Think of what you want from a site. Remembering usability and navigation is key to the user experience. How do they ensure it will be user-friendly?

3/ Do you have examples of clients with similar goals?

They say the proof is in the pudding, which is exactly what you want to see. Don’t just their word, see the examples and speak to them yourself. It’s your own version of Trust a trader!Knowing your website goals

4/ Can I meet the team and who will be working on this project? Do you outsource any of the work?

Knowing the dynamics of a company and who your point of contact is, is vital. If you wake one morning and you have ‘PAGE NOT FOUND’ Who will you be able to call?

5/ What platform is it being built on, can I edit it? How can I make changes later?

Do you want to manage and update the site yourself or would like for them to make amendments for you? Be clear you know what is included. Research the platforms they offer, ensure it covers what you want your site to do.

6/ Do you provide any training?

If you’re maintaining and updating the content on site, you are likely to need training to fully understand what does what. Ensure they have some sort of training. At the very least someone, you can call!

7/ Whats the inclusive cost and build time?

Be clear from the get-go, what type of site you want. What results you want and what continued service if any is available with the website. Be clear and work with a deadline date in mind.

8/ Are SEO and content strategy included in the pricing?

Are you willing to write your own content? Do you know about SEO and what Google likes to see regards to content on a website? If not make sure its included in the price, check what strategy they are using for you?

Mobile responsive new website

9/ Will the site be responsive and SSL Certified?

Will it be user-friendly for users on phones, tablets, and Ipads? Being mobile responsive is now the industry standard. Make sure this is included.

Google in October 2017 made changes that now show any site without an SSL certificate to be ‘non-secure’. Make sure your site includes an SSL certificate.

Should you be looking for a new site or rebuild, contact us today and see what we can do to help.


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