The importance of selecting the right keywords

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Keywords are the foundation of any successful Google AdWords campaign. You can write the best ads, but if you don’t select the right keywords/phrases to put your ads in front of your target audience, your efforts will amount to nothing.

5 top tips 

Obviously, your budget and objectives are paramount, but here are some quick keyword tips to make sure that your campaign generates the results you need. 

  • Relevance – make sure they are specific and relevant and they tie in with your ad copy and website landing page/content so everything is consistent. 
  • Think – put yourself in your customers’ shoes; if you were searching for a product or service like yours, which words or phrases would you type into Google? 
  • Targeted – single keywords can sometimes be too generic, whereas two or three word phrases are usually more targeted.  
  • Variety – customers may use different terms for your products/services, so list variations including spelling, product/service names etc. 
  • Location – remember you can select a different language and location settings to maximise exposure to the right audience. 

If you’re still struggling, you can always use Google’s keyword tool to get some ideas. However, if all that fails, don’t forget that we’re here to help. Just email us today and we would be delighted to work with you on your next Google AdWords campaign.

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