Team Work
Makes Oxygen The Dream Work!

Malcolm Freeman and Natalie Hughes, joint Directors of Oxygen Graphics, talk about the importance of their team when it comes to achieving business success and consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.


People fit

In any business today, it’s important to have the right culture. From the moment Oxygen Graphics was established ten years ago, we knew we wanted the businesses’ values to include teamwork as an integral element. Over the years, we have hired team members who have the right skills, knowledge and experience, but above all are a good people fit and proudly project our company’s ethos:

  • Put customers first
  • Exude passion
  • Innovate
  • Take ownership
  • Teamwork
  • Inspire
  • Go above and beyond
  • Be transparent
  • Stay humble
  • Make if fun


We are very proud of our team. They are strong, committed, creative individuals who have a passion for what they do, which radiates through to their passion for our business. As well as working autonomously, they are real team players – often found helping and supporting each other, as well as our clients and the company as a whole.

Whilst our team continue to deliver quality and excellence as standard, they are all confident communicators, adept at fostering those all-important long-term relationships with our clients and business partners. Most importantly we can see the results of our ‘dream team’, with happy clients who keep coming back, plenty of referrals and oodles of positive testimonials.

Flourishing Team Development

We care about our team; our role is to help and encourage them. We offer them relevant training, development and coaching opportunities, so they can constantly learn new things and improve their abilities. Weekly team meetings are a great opportunity for everyone to talk about what’s going on, share ideas and ask or offer support.

All team members understand the businesses’ strategic goals as well as vision and know the part they must play in meeting their own targets, together with the company goals. We maintain the strength and positivity of our team by rewarding them too – thanking them through team building activities, as well as days and evenings out; meaning that we can continue to gain their respect, trust and loyalty.

Finally, we also encourage their wellbeing and their emotional development – with our work environment always being improved. We feel that this combination has brought the following benefits:

  1. Increase in creativity and learning
  2. More idea generation
  3. Good problem-solving abilities
  4. Active collaboration
  5. Shared information, workload, skills and best practices
  6. Better service
  7. A boost in productivity


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