The Use and Effectiveness of Email Marketing

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In the 21st Century we are lucky enough to be blessed with modern technology that enables us to do pretty much anything from our laptops or PC’s using the Internet. Having this easy to use database that connects computers all over the world makes it easier to advertise your business and bring more traffic to your websites. At Oxygen we offer a smart, cost effective Email Marketing system that can help your company GROW.

Email Marketing offers businesses the chance to communicate with their most valued clients, as well as customers who have yet to use their services. This is a great opportunity to advertise your company for a cheaper price than general advertising. Not only can you customize what is being sent to your clients, but you can also see for yourself using the software’s built in Google Analytics system to understand what pages were most viewed, which emails bounced back, and who opens your campaigns. Having the ability to analyse what your clients have viewed can allow you to understand how to improve your services.

An e-leaflet or e-newsletter is attractive and more effective than a plain old text email. It offers a more visually pleasing way to view news and offers without overloading your customers with information. When your website, special offers, or latest news is only a click away, then people are more likely to view them online because it is easily accessible.

August is a typically slow month for most businesses, but by using our sophisticated Email Marketing software you could gain that vital edge over your competitors with the help of Oxygen Graphics. By logging onto our system using your specific account details, you are able to educate your customers with the latest news and offers from your business. Using this informative email system could boost your workload for this month, making your company even more popular, and ultimately helping your business to GROW.

To kick-start your online marketing campaign, and find out more about your customers, please contact the team at Oxygen!