There's networking and then there's BNI

One of our values at Oxygen Graphics is to work collaboratively. There are many ways in which we do this, most notably is our continued membership of global networking group BNI.

Malcolm has been a member of the Rugby BNI Chapter for 7 years, whilst our sale executive Jade has been with the Coventry BNI Chapter since early 2018. And whilst we enjoy meeting and developing fantastic relationships with other members, what has continued to delight us is the results that it brings! Over the last year alone, it has generated a huge return on investment.  Nearly 25% of our annual turnover comes from referrals we receive at our weekly meetings.

Does it Work?

BNI is not for everyone. It is a positive and supportive network which is very structured. Whilst some do not like the structure, we love it. Which is why, over the years, we have taken the time and made the effort to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals within our relevant chapters.

So, as well as providing an excellent opportunity to extol the virtues of what we do and receive new enquiries and sales leads on a regular basis, we are also happy to be able to use the products and services of other members, which continue to enhance our business. Plus, thanks to being part of a strong network, with access to exclusive resources, we have also facilitated unprecedented levels of professional and personal growth.

Changing the Way the World does Business®

BNI is built on a set of 7 guiding principles which form the foundation on which we interact as members, conduct ourselves and fulfil our goals. By being part of BNI we:

  1. Give business to others and get business in return
  2. Improve our personal and professional skills through lifelong learning
  3. Look for ways to innovate and grow
  4. Surround ourselves with people who want to help us succeed
  5. Cultivate relationships with people we know and trust
  6. Have accountability for our actions
  7. Recognise those who are contributing

So, if you want to network with like-minded companies, get the tools you need to get out of your comfort zone so you can enjoy unparalled business growth then BNI could be for you. After all, with referrals of over £482 million in the UK last year, why wouldn’t you want to commit to paying a membership fee and regular attendance?

If you are interested in finding out whether BNI can take your business to the next level, like it has done for us, then the best way is to visit BNI’s website click here and find a Chapter close to you. Remember, each Chapter has a personality of its own, and finding where you fit best and are surrounded by people who are sincerely committed to helping one another is essential. Our advice is to visit a few places before you decide and then stick at it for a while. Like most marketing activities, networking delivers the best results over time, so invest in the long-term and you’ll reap the rewards.