Thrive at outdoor events this summer with Oxygen Graphics

With the end of lockdown firmly in sight, organisations across the country are busy coordinating their next outdoor event, which means now is the ideal time for you to brand to thrive. Whether you’re leading an event, or your business is part of something bigger, there’s never been a better chance to make sure your brand stands tall above the rest. After all, if you want to get your voice heard, your business needs to be seen and what better than an outdoor event to do just that?

Before lockdown, more than 7,000 major outdoor events were held annually, from festivals, agricultural shows, sporting events and charity fundraisers. A total of £1.1 billion was injected into the industry with more than 140 million in total attending outdoor events across the country. Having been put on hold for the past 18 months, organisations are bursting to welcome back visitors as the hugely anticipated end of lockdown looms.

The opportunity for businesses is massive. Regardless of how big you are, outdoor events present themselves with a premium opportunity to shout about who you are and to showcase what you can do, while networking with customers and fellow traders. Think of every outdoor event as your business making a good first impression. It is vital you get it right. As a creative agency, Oxygen Graphics, we will help you flourish, as we strive to maximise marketing potential and ultimately, watch your business, sales and profits grow.

Of course, it might naturally all seem a little overwhelming as we head into post-covid life. So, here are our top tips to help you, your business and your fully prepare for a summer of outdoor events.

Know Your Audience

Showing off your brand comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t have to be just about big marquees and banners, it’s equally as important to remember the merchandise too.

Whether it’s new customers or loyal clients, if there’s one thing that will make your business irresistible, it’s free merch’, so make sure you have a whole host of branded freebies ready. A handful of free goodies – with your name and logo on, of course – really does promise that desired engagement.

Remember to be clever with the merchandise you’re offering too. Offer items that people will use, or display, ideally at the event without even thinking about it (think pens and tote bags – it’s times like these that sometimes, it pays to be practical). This way, you get free advertising, not just on the day but after the event too.

Our top tip for 2021, why not go for a branded umbrella? With British weather sure to be predictably unpredictable, being prepared by having free umbrellas on hand, all decorated with your logo. Whether it’s shade from the sun or a cover for the rain, you’ll be the business everyone remembers and takes home with them.

Know Your Space

Ask yourself, how big are you able to and prepared to go at this event? Whatever your budget, Oxygen Graphics can work with you to ensure you are reaching your full potential by making the most out of the space available.

From eye-catching parasols to attention-seeking gazebos, bold flags and bright bunting, we want that space to tell your story.

Maximise Touchpoints

Ideally, you want visitors to be seeing your business as many times as possible throughout the day, which means even the subtlest promotion can make a huge difference. Think lanyards, stickers, balloons and of course, wristbands, which not only offer extra promotion but also can help to ensure post-covid events are both safe and secure.

Think Outside The Box

Step things up a level by giving visitors an experience that they won’t forget, by allowing them to interact with you and your business.

At Oxygen Graphics, we put the word ‘creative’ in creative agency. We strive to take your marketing to the next level thanks to our innovative and ‘out of the box’ thinking. Whether it’s a game that visitors can play, or branded furniture, the opportunities are endless. Driven by your goals, we work with you to make sure your brand is turning heads and getting people talking.

Promote Yourselves Online

Brand-building goes beyond in-person promotion, so make sure you’re shouting about your presence at the event, across your online platforms.

Encourage visitors to look out for your business at the event, by posting pictures of your branded materials. Use social media to encourage customer interaction by advertising offers, or incentives to engage you at the event, while growing your online audience too.

Whether you need a total rebrand, or you’re looking to hit that refresh button on your promotional package, then partner up with Oxygen Graphics.  Get in touch with our team of experts and find out how we can help bring your branding back to life.

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