Time to invest in Google AdWords?

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Ok, so you might be thinking that it’s about time you did some online advertising. You’ve heard a lot of people talking about pay per click (PPC) and Google AdWords, but you’re not sure what they are, what’s involved and whether they’ll generate the right return on your investment. So what do you do? 

What are PPC and AdWords? 

Let’s start with a brief explanation. PPC are the ads you see at the top and right-hand side of website search pages and Google’s AdWords is a form of PPC. It’s a very easy way to promote your website when getting a 1st-page organic position is a longer-term and often more difficult goal. And you only pay when someone clicks your ads. 

How does it work? 

Basically, you pay to display product listings, advertising copy, and or video content, so that people will notice your business whenever they’re searching Google. This happens around Google’s advertising networks, which include the: 

  • Google Search Network 
  • Google Display Network 
  • YouTube Network 

And before you ask, it’s profitable when your business targets a specific segment of the market with a relatively unique product or service or offer – and when there are not a lot of competitors bidding against your ads and driving up the cost of your efforts. 

Bespoke service 

If you’re interested but still confused, then we can help. Our AdWords service is bespoke to your business and depends entirely on what you want to achieve. As a Google Partner, we understand how AdWords can grow your business, so provide help and support from the outset so you can decide: 

  • Budget 
  • Goals 
  • Type of campaign 
  • Campaign Duration 
  • Keywords/phrases 
  • Ad location (Google’s Advertising networks) 
  • Age, location and language 
  • Days, time and frequency 
  • Data measurement 

And we also provide monthly management and reporting so you can take control and make decisions on your campaign every step of the way. Our fees our competitive and fall into three areas: 

  • AdWords’ set up fee starts from £199 + VAT  
  • Monthly Management fee starts from £250 + VAT 
  • Click spend – TBC. We recommend a monthly budget based research we undertake 

To get you in the mood for AdWords and their many benefits, we are offering a FREE Google AdWords Review.

Or for more information and help, get in touch with us and we’ll help you on your journey to achieving Google AdWords mastery.

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