Top Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends of 2017

Over time trends in web-designs have drastically changed. Webpages have had to adapt to the fast rate of technological advancement. As technology advances so does our ability to create unique user experiences on websites. Here are a few of the trends to watch out for in 2017.

Large Background Imagery:

Stock images are becoming a thing of the past for websites. Users are looking for a more real approach to web-design and the fake smiles of stock photos are seemingly becoming a thing of the past.  Real full width imagery is resonating with the user to give a genuine feel for your branding.

overload copy

Overload run website: is a prime example of a site utilising this trend. This is used to portray the true emotions portrayed by actual customers in this gruelling cross terrain run! Selecting the right images is key to ensuring this trend is successful.

Video Backgrounds:

Much like above with the large set images this trend is very similar. They say a picture says a thousand words. A video does even more! We have seen some great examples of this being applied on websites and we even have applied it for our own customers.

Apple Mock

Solarflare website: Solarflare wanted a way to catch there users attention to some of the services they offer. We provided a unique background video so that as soon as you arrive on the landing page your attention is caught to the well thought of background video’s.

Whilst video isn’t a new trend per se it is one that is just expanding at an exponential rate and we see it being very potent in 2017 for its overall ability to attract attention for all the right reasons.

Mobile First Design:

Mobile ready websites that are integrated in an aesthetically pleasing way are a must have in the technological boom we are currently experiencing. 1 in 3 visits to your website will be from a mobile device and if your website isn’t designed with mobile integration this can cause displeasure and result in the loss of a potential customer. Mobile usage for web browsing exceeded that of desktop browsing for the first time in late 2016 (Click here to see the stats) and this is simply highlighting the importance of having a well-designed mobile friendly website.

Iphone Mock

BNI Rugby: The BNI Rugby website had a design focus of mobile first. After considering the customers users and looking into statistics for browsing devices it was made apparent that the website had to be a mobile first design. What was created was a visually impressive website on mobile without compromising on quality  for desktop users also.

Modular Design:

Web design needs to be clean and organised in a format that allows for impressive functionality without compromising on aesthetics. Modular design provides the perfect medium to deliver all the above.This design trend also allows organisations to have clear separation of individual aspects of the website such as product ranges or unique articles, this clearcut method is a blessing for further developments as you are able to simply alter individual modules rather than having to redesign whole pages.

FuzzMuzzle copyFuzzMuzzle: Wanted a clear cut identification for each of the products they provided. The most suitable way for these to be showcased was using a modular design and integrating that with the rest of the websites styling.


When taking everything into consideration its seems that previous years trends are resurfacing as they didn’t quite pick up traction in there first introduction to the design marketplace. More and more websites are moving towards removing the barriers of width that used to plague the internet. We as a design studio are excited about the changing trends and are looking to continually provide the best service possible to our customers. If you are still considering other design trends and want to maximise your web design then consider this post from our franchise Nettl on how to get more from your website.

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