Do I Need a New Website?

In this blog, we will be looking to save you money! Websites are almost a necessity in today’s society with upward growing trends of online shopping and browsing, demand for businesses to have a strong online presence has never been stronger!

What is deemed a good website is constantly changing as new web design trends develop so should your website alongside them! This ensures your website works effectively towards your desired outcome! This doesn’t mean having a new website every year which would be a costly experience. Instead, with the WordPress platform, we are able to redesign your site to keep it up to trend with a professional new look for a margin of the cost.

A new looking site need not cost you thousands!

New Leaf Solicitors

We were approached by New Leaf Solicitors to make some changes to their website which we created for them previously. They felt like it needed refreshing and tweaking to look up to date with the current industry trends!

Original Site:

NL old

Their previous site was working for them at the time. It met the industry standard having fixed width. Utilising the Revolution sliders at the top of the web page to create a carousel of images and text for the user to view or click through to the relevant section! It was a clear and concise site!

Issues highlighted with the old site:

Fresh stock photography – Moving away from images that you can tell are stock!

Update meta tags for SEO.

Improve the user experience.

Structure content in a better format

New Designed Website

Updated Site

The website has now been updated with a wide array of small functional changes and some major style changes also!

Bye bye to the Revolution slider. This has been replaced by a full-width updated image with a small specific value statement. Full-width imagery is part of today’s trends in web design, this change was also made possible by removing the fixed positioning and replacing it with full-width panelled pages!

Revolution sliders have been removed as users aren’t spending the time to watch through all images and after the first or second image, they are scrolling down to search for more content and therefore no longer paying attention to the image carousel!

Content has been updated and typography changed. Made more modern utilising a san serif style font.

Small incremental changes to functionality such as moving a certain call to action into a better position on the web page for ease of use!

Websites are constantly changing:

Keeping on top of the changes is where we come in! We will help with these changes utilising our years of industry knowledge to assist and aid the process of making sure your website looks up to date and is performing to the best of its ability!

Are you having issues with your site? Is your WordPress website out of date? We offer a one-hour free consultation to anyone considering a new site or redesign of their existing site so call us now to book in! 01788 561991