Your logo is the base for the rest of your marketing material. Keep it consistent. Use the same font and the same, or complimentary colours in the rest of your marketing. Keep the standard high.

Why have a logo? A logo is the centrepiece for all of your marketing. Your logo will be the thing customers remember, it reflects your business and reflects you. Your logo is what sets you apart from other companies.

It’s rare to get a second chance to change their opinion. Customers take seconds to judge how professional your company is, by your marketing material. Having a badly designed logo can damage customers view on your company, and that can be damaging for you. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you. If you loose them at the first hurdle, it’s a lot more effort to catch their interest second time round.

How do I get it right? Always think your logo through. Who is your target audience? What colours/shapes/font will they respond to best? What will represent you accurately? Compare yourself to other brand logos. Make yourself just as, or more compelling as theirs. It will pay off.

Take a look at examples of Logo designs that the team here at Oxygen has created for some local businesses.


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