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We all know the importance of having a website. It’s your online shop window, open 24/7 and capable of sharing your brand to thousands of people who have never met or even spoken to you. That’s why when you create a website it has to be done in the right way, so that in your absence it creates the right impression of you, your products/services and perhaps more importantly communicates effectively how you do business. 

One size does not fit all! 

There are many different types of websites available – personal, community building, photo sharing, blogging, brochure, lead generation, branding, publishing, support and ecommerce. But the best bit is that when it comes to your business, it’s your decision on what site you need. And when it comes to size, there is no right or wrong answer either. It all depends on what you do and how you want to engage with your target audience.  

Years ago website used to be quite unwieldy with far too many pages for a normal person to ever attempt to read. Website companies controlled the content, so sites generally didn’t look much different from one month to the next. They were also expensive and only those businesses with big budgets could generally afford something that looked impressive.  

Affordable and controllable Websites

 Thankfully those days are long gone. Websites are now very affordable and you don’t need to write war and peace to get your key messages across quickly and effectively. Furthermore, thanks to content management systems (CMS), you can control the content quickly too.  

Many businesses prefer to have a simple one page design with a scrolling function, rather than oodles of pages cluttering up the menu. Whilst larger companies, who have embraced online selling, are selecting ecommerce sites that make their lives easier thanks to clever behind the scenes automated processes and secure customer payment systems. 

Whatever site you choose, you need to be clear about your requirements and the objectives of the site. Once we know more about what you need it to do, we can help design and build something that will: 

  • Establish credibility 
  • Build trust 
  • Engage visitors 
  • Generate Leads 
  • Support your customers 
  • Generate more sales 

Our dedicated website team have been designing website for years. Current clients are delighted with the work that we do, check out our portfolio to see what we can achieve. Furthermore, two of our most recent websites to go live are: 

Take a look and see the quality, diversity, vibrant imagery, SEO, social media integration and simple yet effective navigation. Both clients were delighted with their new sites and are already reaping the rewards of having beautifully branded responsive sites that look amazing and work brilliantly. So if you are umming or erring and wondering if the time is right, get in touch today on 01788 561991 or email and make your website idea a wonderful reality.

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