Be A Big Fat Brand Strawberry – Get Picked!

It’s June 2017 (Already) and that means another new and exciting offer of the month! This month we are focusing on all things branding and helping you to develop as companies. It’s all about making the right first impressions and that’s where we come in!


Be a great big brand strawberry!

Why are strawberries red? And what the pip has that got to do with marketing? Bear with me on this!

Birds know that red berries are the ripest and tastiest. Strawberries have evolved to advertise their tastiness by changing colour to an intense red. What’s in it for them? Birds eat the fruit, can’t digest the seeds and scatter them around the area.

This made us think. We’re all in business to attract attention and get picked. Right? The trick is making sure it’s YOU that customers want to pick.





This is not the time to be shy!

Your logo is a visual shortcut which reminds people who you are!

We design corporate identities for businesses just like yours every day! Let’s think how many times your logo will be seen?Are you proud of it?

You should be proud of your logo. Liberally plaster it everywhere! You’ll definitely use it on your website, Business cards, Business stationary! What about your brochures, folders and price lists?

It may even be on your vehicles or your clothing and don’t forget your signage!

Just how many times will this logo be seen? How many people drive past your premises each hour? What hits are you getting on your site? Your logo could be



Oxygen’s Guide to Copyright and Trademark of your Brand, Logo or Design

Many customers enquire about the importance of copyrighting and trade marking their brand with us because it is a significant part of the design process when building a company brand. Here is a simplified version of the basics surrounding copyrighting and trade marking.

To begin with, copyright is a form of intellectual property. It has value to its holder and it can be protected by legal means, sold outright, or licensed. Originally, the concept of copyright meant “right to copy”, but nowadays it’s a little more sophisticated. The creator of an original artwork, text or image is the person who in first instance owns the copyright in relation to that artwork.

Copyright in this sense is a bundle of rights attaching to the artwork. Therefore, technically any ‘new’ artwork or web design that is produced by the team at Oxygen is automatically copyrighted to Oxygen allowing for our customers to use these artworks, which we have designed, for their company.

We as designers cannot simply take images from Google or other Internet sources and put them into the artwork for customers. If we would require a Google image then we would have to buy the rights of this image from the copyright holder. As you can see, this is the way in which copyrighting works. You can use someone’s work if they allow you to, or if you credit them for their particular piece of work, for instance an image or text they have created.

A trademark, by definition, is anything used to distinguish