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If you’re a charity looking to create, update or refresh your website then look no further than Oxygen Graphics. At Oxygen Graphics, we are passionate about working with organisations that make a difference. Whether you’re a big, small or something in-between-sized charity, our team is ready to create a website that reflects your mission, vision and values. 

We recognise just how important having a quality website and online presence is for charities. From telling your story, to encouraging donations and highlighting your fantastic fundraisers, we appreciate how much of a powerful tool your website can be. That’s why we are committed to getting it right for you. 

With years of experience supporting charities, we understand that each charity is unique. We use ‘donate now’ buttons, regular blogs, interactive event calendars and booking forms to boost your unique cause while maximising your online presence.

Our experience in web design for charities 

At Oxygen Graphics, we have extensive experience in specialising in website design and development for charities. We work in collaboration with our clients to help them create a website that informs users and encourages them to get involved by donating, fundraising or volunteering. 

Some examples of our web design for charitable organisations include:

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Experts in creating websites for charities 

When it comes to helping charities with marketing or fundraising, there is a multitude of factors to consider. It is not just about fundraising and donations, there is also the crucial aspect of promoting your social goals and making a positive impact.

As experts in web design for charities, it is our goal to guide you through these complexities, to help provide clarity and focus while fostering trust. 

We make sure that, throughout this process, we remain mindful of your time constraints and budget limitations, ensuring a supportive and understanding approach to help you achieve your charitable objectives.

Some of the key elements charities should consider when designing a charity website include:

  • What is the purpose of your charity website? This could be to encourage people to donate, engage with your cause, educate users or attract volunteers to your cause. 
  • Who is your audience? In most cases, this is donators, supporters and beneficiaries, as well as existing and potential staff.
  • Build trust: Trust and credibility are two big elements when designing a charity website, after all, donors and volunteers will want to know that your charity is credible. Be sure to include any registration details and ensure messages are transparent. 
  • Ensure your content and messaging are up-to-date: Consider the sections your charity website will need. For example, how to get involved, ways to donate, aims and mission statement for the charity, upcoming fundraising events and real stories from the people the charity helps. 
  • Consider an online shop: If your charity has official merchandise to sell, then you may want to consider building an e-commerce website for an online shop that can help raise vital funds for your charity.
  • Build in a live chat feature: Before people make donations, donors may want to speak to your charity first. They may wish to verify you are who you say you are and also find out more about how their donations will be used. To make this easy for users, consider adding a live chat feature to your website so users can contact you quickly and easily.

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Let’s talk about your charity website 

If you are a charity seeking to establish a strong online presence get in touch with us to discover how we can help. Drawing on years of undeniable experience and a deep understanding of the charity sector, our team of web designers and developers can help your charity create an impactful website that ensures your cause stands out in a competitive landscape.

Whether your focus is on humanitarian aid, environmental conservation or community development – whatever your mission, we can tailor a website that captures the essence of your voice and showcases your initiatives. 

Every website we construct is designed for ease of use, mobile responsiveness and is optimised for search engines, ensuring that your charitable efforts are effectively communicated to a broader audience.

Ready to start building your website? Contact us to discuss your project.

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