5 signs you need help with your SEO

As a business, recognising when you need help with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for maintaining a strong online presence and maximising the visibility of your website. 

What is SEO? In short, SEO involves improving the overall quality and quantity of online traffic to a website from search engines, like Google. Unlike paid traffic, SEO specifically focuses on unpaid, organic traffic.

However, SEO is a complex field and one that’s ever-evolving, so it’s not uncommon for a business to encounter challenges that might require help from a knowledgeable expert. 

Here, we discuss five signs that indicate you might need help with your SEO.

1. You have a great-looking website with very little traffic

If you’ve invested in a visually appealing website but seeing very little traffic, you might be asking yourself why? The chances are, you don’t have an SEO campaign in place. An SEO expert can analyse your website, conduct necessary keyword research and implement an effective strategy shaped around your brand, to help increase visibility. Ultimately, this will help to drive more targeted traffic to your site. 

2. Your website traffic has droppedGoogle Analytics

It might be that you’ve noticed a sudden decline in your website traffic. If this is the case, it’s important that you investigate and identify the cause. Algorithm updates and technical issues can play a key role in decreasing traffic to your website. An experienced SEO professional will be able to conduct an audit of your website, identify any issues or penalties and implement corrective measures to regain lost traffic and improve your search rankings.

3. You don’t have the time

So you know SEO is important but you simply don’t have the time required to give it the ongoing attention and effort it needs. After all, SEO involves multiple activities, ranging from keyword research and content optimisation, to link building and Google My Business optimisation. So, if you find that you’re lacking the time or resources to dedicate to SEO, seeking professional help might be the answer to alleviating the burden. 

Remember, outsourcing your SEO will allow you to focus on your core business activities while enduring your website remains optimised and competitive.

4. Your website fails to appear for your most important keywords

If your website’s not ranking for the keywords that are crucial to your business, or even your own brand name, it can significantly impact your online visibility and potential customer reach. SEO experts have the knowledge to conduct in-depth keyword research, analyse competitor strategies and optimise your website’s content to improve how you rank. They can also implement on-page and off-page SEO techniques to enhance your website’s visibility, which in turn, will increase its chances of appearing in relevant search results. 

5. Your website content or blog has been neglected

If you’ve found your website content or blog has been neglected, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Life is busy and day-to-day business gets in the way, so it’s easy to see how keeping on top of your online content can be pushed down the list of priorities. However, fresh, unique and information-rich content is vital to successful SEO. So, if your website content or blogs have been neglected, you might find this is having an impact on not only your search rankings but also user engagement. 

SEO professionals can develop a content strategy tailored to your target audience and industry. This will include the likes of creative relevant, compelling and optimised content while ensuring your website remains regularly updated with valuable information. 

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