The advantages of print marketing in a digital era

As our lives continue to evolve through the digital revolution, it’s easy to see why websites, social media and email campaigns are at the forefront of our marketing strategies. And, while these are essential marketing tools in an increasingly competitive landscape, it’s fundamental that businesses don’t lose sight of the advantages that print marketing continues to offer. In fact, according to recent statistics, 82 per cent of consumers admit to trusting print advertisements the most when it comes to making their purchasing decisions. With that in mind, the team at Oxygen Graphics explore why your business should continue to weave print marketing into your marketing strategy.

Tangibility and credibility

Print materials such as brochures, flyers and direct mail, provide a physical object that people can hold and keep. This element of tangibility often makes it easier for people to remember and refer to the information presented. Furthermore, print materials give your audiences the chance to disconnect from technology, and instead present them with a more tactile experience of physically handling physical items. 

Additionally, people – especially those of older generations, who aren’t so familiar with digital marketing – trust print marketing techniques. And who can blame them – honestly, does anything really beat that fresh print smell?

Target marketing

Print marketing is still an extremely effective way to reach specific audiences. Consider the likes of mail campaigns for example, which allow businesses to target specific demographics and regions. And using this targeted approach has the potential to result in a high response rate.


Print materials don’t just disappear at the click of a button. When it comes to digital marketing, it can be easy for your audience to lose focus – whether that’s by opening a new tab, or straying away from your website by clicking on a link advertising another brand. 

Printed brochure for Houlton housing estate in Rugby

Print materials like brochures, business cards and flyers bring with them a sense of longevity, as people tend to keep them. This means they will continue to promote a business long after they’ve been distributed.

More than just a screen

When it comes to print marketing, you’re not just limited to paper. Unlike digital marketing – which is seen on a screen (whether that’s mobile or web) – by using print marketing, you have the potential to promote your brand across all sorts of collateral, including the likes of mugs, notebooks and pens. 

At Oxygen Graphics, we love getting our teeth stuck into a project that allows us to showcase our creativity. Getting your brand seen and your voice heard is what we do best, especially when we use our expertise to promote your business in unique and visually appealing ways via innovative print marketing techniques.

Embossed printing

Emotional connection

It mustn’t be forgotten that print marketing has the ability to create an emotional connection with customers. People – including your target audience – will naturally associate certain emotions with physical objects, and print materials can tap into this.

For example, a high-quality brochure with clear, crisp, beautiful graphics can add an immediate sense of luxury and exclusivity to your marketing – and therefore, your brand.

Enhances brand recognition

Print materials can be cleverly used as part of your overall strategy to build and reinforce brand recognition. Consistent use of brand colours, fonts and imagery throughout, can help to create cohesive and memorable messaging.

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about print marketing

There’s no doubt about it, print marketing comes with multiple advantages in today’s digital era. 

Of course, digital media techniques offer elements of speed and convenience but print marketing remains powerful and deserves a place in your strategy. After all, print marketing has something unique that digital tools simply can’t offer – and that’s giving your target audience something physical. 

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