Click and Collect for Your Business

It’s the news we all feared; Lockdown 2 is imminent, with thousands of businesses up and down the country being forced to close their doors once again from Thursday. One thing that the first lockdown proved, though, is that the nation’s businesses and owners are a pretty resilient and adaptable bunch. Some offered takeaway services and deliveries, whilst others reinvented themselves completely.

This time, the government has allowed all non-essential businesses to remain open for delivery and Click and Collect. But, isn’t Click and Collect reserved for large retailers, like Tesco and Argost? Not at all. Click and Collect is available to any size business, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth to set up. Here we explore some of the benefits of incorporating Click and Collect into your business.

Avoid delays

Whether queuing for a local shop or waiting for your latest delivery to arrive by post, we all hate to wait; Not to mention the dreaded delays due to our postal services being under so much pressure. And, why should we wait? According to Wired, 64% of Brits don’t enjoy the current shopping experience. Aside from fear of the disease, the main reason that puts them off shopping is queuing, with 22% of respondents saying they didn’t want to stand in line.

Provides your customers with options

We all have different preferences and shopping is no different. By providing customers with an alternative way of shopping, we can draw in new customers. A HubBox study shows that Click & Collect is the preferred fulfilment method of customers purchasing higher-value items. As spend increases, so does sensitivity to the possibility of a failed delivery. Offering guaranteed local collection gives customers the peace of mind they need to make a high value purchase.

It pays for itself

Introducing Click and Collect isn’t overly complicated or expensive. The functionality can be added to an existing website or can be integrated into an Epos Now system. If there’s a demand for Click and Collect within your industry, then it won’t be difficult to see a return on your investment. In fact, did you know that shoppers typically add more items to their order when they have full control over the delivery and collection process? Removing the moment of uncertainty around delivery increases customers’ likelihood of making impulse purchases.

Get ahead of the competition

Click and Collect is still relatively new to small and medium-sized businesses. Whilst taking the plunge can appear a little daunting, taking this important step will allow your business to offer a service that your competitors might not offer yet. This provides the opportunity to take business away from the competition. Meanwhile, it also allows your business to reinvent itself as the pioneer within your industry.

Future-proof your business

Irrespective of the pandemic, Click and Collect was destined for growth. A 2017 study by Global Data showed that Click and Collect was expected to grow by more than 50% by 2022, accounting for 14% of all sales. Fast forward three years to a very unexpected 2020 and the landscape has changed. In fact, Shopify reported a 443% jump in Click and Collect orders in March 2020, as well as a 96% week-on-week increase in retailers offering that service.

To explore and discuss incorporating Click and Collect into your business and website design, why not get in touch with the Oxygen Graphics team? There’s never been a better time to incorporate this new and exciting sales method into your business.

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