How to ensure you get value out of your digital marketing spend!

Get value out of your digital marketing spend!

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Before digital channels came along, marketing was often a lengthy and expensive exercise with hit and miss results, largely thanks to a lack of effective measurement. But with online, things are a little more transparent, meaning you have greater levels of control, can meet your objectives, and ensure spend effectiveness.

Be clear about your objectives

So regardless of the size of your marketing budget, the important thing to say here is that it is possible to be effective, even when constrained by the purse strings. It all boils down to being clear about what you want to achieve and accurately measuring and making relevant decisions about the results.

Here are some tips to ensure that you get the most out of your digital spend.

  1. Set realistic goals and objectives.
  2. Research channels and select only the ones you feel are most appropriate to your product/service and/or used by your target audience.
  3. Use tracking codes and/or analytics in all your activities.
  4. Look to focus on activities that are inexpensive in terms of ROI but offer high engagement levels.
  5. Write it once, use it many times. An advert can be turned into a banner, eshot or social media campaign.
  6. Effective search campaigns, SEO, videos, targeted Google Display Network banners and basic content marketed are all affordable ways to drive brand awareness.
  7. Trial and test to make sure the content, creative and or timing works for you.
  8. Stay on top of digital trends as they change rapidly and they can be far-reaching.
  9. Use free directories and maximise online reviews and comparison sites.
  10. Rework, revise and reinvent yourself, your content, messaging, design and channel selection to remain relevant.

Freedom to adjust

Increasingly the lines between traditional offline marketing and digital marketing are becoming more blurred. But unlike traditional campaigns, digital marketing gives you the freedom to adjust. This is just as well as digital is always changing and evolving. 

There is an art to creating the right message, design and delivery schedule for each channel, in order that you can continue to appeal to your target audience. Often you may not have the right people in place to help you with this, so it’s worth remembering that this is something that you can outsource to a digital agency who have the knowledge, tools and expertise to help you.

Engagment is key

Digital’s success is really about focusing on a small core of engaged people who can spread positive impressions, or simply share information about your business, with a broader audience. For help with this, get in touch and we look forward to helping you make positive steps on your digital marketing journey.