Is disruption the way forwards for your brand?

Is disruption the way forward for your brand?

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

In a busy and crowded marketplace, you need to get your brand not only noticed, but generating enough of a consistent buzz to encourage people to take immediate action and buy from you.

In recent years, too many brands have placed their own convenience first, instead of understanding the true power of the customer. This is where we have seen the rise of brands that don’t follow traditional marketing practices, seek new way of doing things and offer a completely different customer experience. And the result is a raft of products and services that make life easier and better.

What is a disruptive brand?

Kirsty Emery, co-founder of global fashion software company Unmade said. “Being disruptive means looking at a problem with a new perspective and finding a different solution through that new perspective.”

At the core of a disruptive brand is their customer. Their ability to spot market anomalies, innovate, develop, reinvent processes/systems, utilise technology, improve marketing methods and think differently means they can meet the exact needs and wants of their audience, whilst delivering a raft of exciting and unique customer benefits too.

Or as James Kirkham CFO of definitive youth football media brand Copa90 says. “Disruption isn’t just doing things in a different way which doesn’t resonate or go any further – it’s about changing the game.”

With disruptors at the forefront of innovation, existing brands need to sit up and take notice. Traditional thinking brands need to establish better customer relationships and experiences by listening, understanding their customer’s lives, learning to innovate and tailoring everything so their target audience is engaged. Sadly, if they don’t act soon, they might have to face the alternative, which is to exit the marketplace.

Who are the disruptive brands?

There are many brands who are currently disrupting our lives. With their well thought out methods of communication and involvement, they are changing how we view brands by using their power to involve us in new and exciting ways. Below is a list of some disruptive brands that you might have heard of, although there are thousands more out there who are working hard to make their mark.

  • Tesla
  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Purple Bricks
  • BrewDog
  • PureGym
  • Netflix
  • Headspace

And closer to home, fitness apparel and accessories manufacturer Gymshark who challenged the status quo recently by using over-sized models at a fashion show in America.

For any new business, it’s important that you find your own unique position within your industry. But with more and more start-ups entering the marketplace and constantly evolving technology, competition has never been tougher. So perhaps instead of asking yourself where you can fit in your current space, ask yourself what you can do to stand out!