Lockdown launches: What are your lockdown business goals?

For most businesses, January is usually a time for goal setting and strategy planning. Whilst the entire nation has started the year in lockdown due to the pandemic, we understand that it’s a tough time for business, for many. Lockdown has come with many challenges, from homeschooling and juggling family life to some businesses being forced to close their doors altogether. But, whilst it’d be easy to rest on our laurels and patiently wait til we get through the other side, there’s still plenty we can do to proactively push our businesses forward in 2021. So, what are your business goals for lockdown? Here, we explore our top strategies for marketing your business in a national lockdown.

Develop an eCommerce platform

When the shops are shut, what do we do? We buy online. Evolving your website into a fully transactable ecommerce site will allow you to sell online and meet demand for years to come. Many of those who had never shopped online in their lives have since been acquainted with the world of online shopping. Let’s be honest, shopping habits were headed that way anyway, but the pandemic has accelerated the need for ecommerce.

Incorporate Click and Collect

Click and Collect has had a place with major brands for some time now. However, more and more small, local brands are turning to Click and Collect as a way to continue selling their products, no matter the government restriction. The functionality can be incorporated into an existing website fairly easily, with no need for a complete website redesign or overhaul. Click and Collect is still fairly new to small businesses, allowing you to get ahead of the competition and offer your services when your competitor can’t.

Expanding your digital marketing channels

It’s a fact; with more people being stuck at home than ever before, people are using their laptops and mobile phone more than ever. Laptop and PC sales increased by a staggering 12.7% in the third quarter of 2020 alone, due the pandemic. With this in mind, is your business getting in front of prospective customers when they browse online? SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising are great ways to reach the top of Google and get in front of people; not to mention the home assistant users.

Reaching people at home with print

The main benefit of leaflet marketing is that you can reach people directly at their homes. With the entire nation currently spending the majority of its time at home, leaflets are a great way to get your business in front of prospective customers. Even if they’re not ready to purchase straight away, providing something that customers can hold in their hand leaves a lasting impression for when the time is right.

Refresh your branding

2020 and its challenges have resulted in many companies evolving their core business model, from offering takeaways and Click and Collect to developing new products and virtual services. Does your branding still suit your business or does it now deserve a new identity? From logo design and branding to packaging design and website refreshes, we can help. 2020 has shaped the way we consult, shop and work, and many of these practices are here to stay.

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