Make your voice heard in 2021

According to a study on upcoming business trends for 2021, this year is set to be one that will provide significant opportunities for companies to grow. But, following a lockdown and various business limitations, how can that be done? The answer is this; through purposeful reinvention and clever marketing that cuts through the noise.

Getting your voice heard and standing out above the competition is no easy feat. That’s where the knowledgeable team of experts at Oxygen Graphics can help. Fortunately, we’re seeing that businesses are gaining confidence, reaching out and addressing their web, digital and print strategies for the year ahead. Let’s visit some of the key trends that will get your voice heard and help your business to thrive in 2021.

Web Design

Did you know that the average website has a shelf life of three to five years? A fresh interface that incorporates the latest user trends can do wonders for your site’s conversion. This is because the way that users are interacting and engaging with websites is evolving so quickly. Technology is progressing rapidly and Oxygen’s web development team are continuously exploring new methods of usability and design.


2021 is set to see the return of face-to-face meetings. Are your business cards prepared? Do your leaflets reflect your latest product and service set? Are you planning an event that requires a professional and appealing display? Oxygen Graphics not only offers a range of print services, but also compelling and engaging designs that will help you to stand out from the competition.

Brand Development

2020 has driven many businesses to evolve their services and products into a new direction. Are your services and values reflected in your branding? 76% of consumers say that when they feel connected to a brand they will choose it over the competition, whilst 68% will go on to recommend the company to a friend. Oxygen Graphic can help you to achieve strong branding through standout logos, colourways, typefaces, packaging design, in-store messaging and more.

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Digital Marketing

If there’s one area of marketing that’s boomed in the last year, then it’s digital marketing. Channels like SEO and paid advertising are demonstrating a strong return on investment, and running more than one digital channel (known as omnichannel marketing) are producing some serious results. Recent studies show that an omnichannel approach results in a 90% higher customer retention rate, versus single channel marketing. Meanwhile, average order values are also higher; by 13%, in fact. 

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So what are you waiting for? Get your voice heard and cut through the noise in 2021. Take the first step by arranging a remote meeting. We’d be happy to talk over an idea or see how we can help you to solve a problem.

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