Marketing Updates, Algorithms and Trends: A 2022 Summary

Having a clear understanding of the latest marketing trends is fundamental to the future success of your business. And when you get it right, being aware of any updates, algorithms and trends will continue to help drive awareness, demand and revenue. So, as we move into the new year, the team at Oxygen Graphics look back at 2022 and explores what’s helped shape the industry over the past 12 months.

A shift to longer content

Content is king – it was in 2021, it has been in 2022 and will be in 2023.

However, creating high-quality, longer content is proving to be increasingly important for those wanting to improve a business’s ranking on Google. As we head into 2023, consider incorporating articles of 3,000 words (minimum), through the likes of blogs and articles. But be careful, these must be engaging and easy to read – consider using sub-headings to break down the content and make it more scannable.

Choose a name, logo and slogan

If you haven’t already, now is the time to choose a name, create a logo and pick a slogan. Work with the creative design team at Oxygen Graphics to design a logo that represents you and your business. Realistically, your logo needs to be eye-catching, relevant, memorable, versatile and not too overly detailed or complicated.   

Create your brand

Got your logo, now it’s time to work on your brand. What is a brand? Simply put, a brand is the way your business will be perceived by your customers and target audience. A brand is your identity – your mission, vision, goals and values. This might seem like a really overwhelming task but creating a set of brand guidelines is a great start.

Simply put, brand guidelines are a set of ‘rules’ an organisation can use to ensure brand consistency across all customer touchpoints and marketing channels. From font style to colour scheme, your brand guidelines will set the framework for any visual, verbal or written communications leaving your business.

To help create a set of brand guidelines, you should:

  • Research your target audience
  • Decide your goals, mission and values
  • Choose your colour scheme and font style
  • Decide your tone of voice

Helpful content

We’ve also seen Google rolling out a ‘helpful content’ update. In short, this helpful content update will see Google determine whether content has been written only for SEO purposes, or to actually help users. And be warned, if Google decides that the content of your website is considered to be unhelpful, then ultimately, it can impact the rankings of your entire site. 

A top tip from our content creatives at Oxygen Graphics is to ensure you refer to the ‘EAT principle’ when writing new articles and blogs for SEO purposes. So, what is EAT? In short, EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness – and Google will use these three factors to determine whether a website provides high-quality content or not.

If you want innovative, creative and attention-grabbing content that promises to engage with your audience and bring in new customers, then get in touch with Oxygen Graphics. Together with our SEO specialist our writer creates winning content delivered to get your business climbing up the ranks on Google. 

Product reviews

Google has continued to shine a light on high-quality product reviews, that provide insight, analysis or original research – and we’ve seen their focus on this grow and develop over the duration of 2022. It’s worth noting that businesses should avoid one-liner reviews, and instead provide an in-depth analysis that includes product comparisons along with bulky explanations on what makes that particular model unique.

Mobile-friendliness remains key

Making sure your website is mobile-friendly is nothing new. In fact, optimising your content for mobile devices has been fundamental to getting your business ranking on Google since 2015. However, this year it’s become more critical than ever, with Google actually prioritising the mobile version of a website to determine where it ranks. And this isn’t set to change, with forecasting experts estimating that almost 75 per cent of internet users will access the internet solely via a mobile device in 2025.


The main driver behind all trends in 2022 is the need for brands to take a personalised approach. Simply reaching as many people as possible can’t be your main priority anymore. Instead, businesses need to personalise their branding, their messaging and their marketing campaigns to guarantee higher levels of engagement and attract new customers. And simultaneously, businesses need to ensure they are being consistent at all times, with their key style, language, mission and messaging. 

Does your branding need to be revived? Perhaps you’re starting up a new business and are looking to boost your brand? Our expert team of creatives are ready to help businesses thrive in 2023. Powered by growing demands for businesses to be personalised, Oxygen Graphics is ready to help your brand stand out and get your voice heard. 

Are you ready to kick off your 2023 marketing strategy with a bang?

Now is a time to celebrate the previous year and welcome what the next 12 months have in store. It’s time for your business to take what you’ve learned in 2022 and using those lessons to shape who you become in 2023. In fact, there’s never been a better time than January to boost, revive and energise your business. Using the marketing updates, algorithms and trends from 2022, the team at Oxygen Graphics is looking forward to working with you this new year. Get in touch with our team today.

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