A national training provider says strong partnership with local web design agency is key to rise in course applications

A national training provider has seen a dramatic rise in the amount of application courses after totally transforming their website thanks to a collaboration with a local web design agency.

PET-Xi, a Coventry based organisation who specialises in training to support schoolchildren and jobseekers, as well as businesses looking to upskill, reached out to Rugby-based web design agency Oxygen Graphics after identifying a vital need to improve their current website.

Within months, the partnership between the two businesses saw the PET-Xi website develop from an ‘unresponsive and outdated platform’ to a ‘crisp, modern, engaging and fully-functional design’ which successfully engaged with their target audience.

Speaking about the project, Strategic Partnerships Manager at PET-Xi Eddie Cottis said: “We, like many others, had an existing website which was getting tired and didn’t reflect what or how PET-Xi currently delivered.”

“We were looking for a site that would be modern, innovative and portray PET-Xi commitment quality and flexibility of delivery. We needed a website that matched our reputation, goals and mission.”

Eddie, Malcom and Steve having a meeting

Triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, Eddie and the team at PET-Xi recognised the need for a user-friendly website, which better supported the needs for their customers to access online courses.

“We needed to ensure our site was up-to-date with our move in providing online courses and distance learning, while still supporting our traditional face-to-face delivery,” – added Steve.

“Nowadays, it’s more important than ever for us to appeal to a digital customer, which meant our website needed to be visually exceptional and flow seamlessly. After all, how could we expect to sell an online product if our own website isn’t working efficiently?”

What Oxygen Graphics produced for us was exceptional, with their developers keeping in contact and working closely with us all the way.”

Eddie and his colleagues at PET-Xi have praised the team at Oxygen Graphics, saying that their web developers ‘rose to the challenge’ when pushed to their creative boundaries.

“At PET-Xi we really wanted to work with a local company but what we got from Oxygen Graphics was more than we could’ve ever envisaged. Ultimately, we worked with a local company to showcase a national service,” – he continued

“For us, a strong partnership is key, and this felt like a real partnership and a true example of how local businesses working together can really achieve something special.”

Not only did the redesigned website have a huge impact on the growth in course applications, but Eddie said that everyone at PET-Xi loves the new platform too. “We’ve definitely seen an increase in the amount of referrals and leads coming in from the new website and also, we’ve noticed local organisations are keen to share the platform too,” – he added.

Steve and Irene commenting on Pet-xi's website

With the website such a hit, the team at Oxygen Graphics were tasked to create a second platform for Metropolis Bar and Restaurant based in Coventry.

Metropolis, which PET-Xi Restaurants launched to train up unemployed young people to make the world a fairer place post COVID with 50% of profits going to charities and community projects.

“We had a tight deadline for the Metropolis website, but the Oxygen Graphics team responded very well, especially because all we gave them to play with was branding for the restaurant,” – said Head of Graphic Design and Social Media at PET-Xi Steve Want.

“We haven’t got a bad word to say about Oxygen Graphics, it really was a great partnership.”

Oxygen Graphics Director Malcolm Freeman said that he and the team were exceptionally pleased with the final results of both the PET-Xi and Metropolis websites.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with locally-based businesses, supporting them to enhance and improve their online presence,” – said Malcolm, adding: “But what made this partnership such a success was the regular input we received from the team at PET-Xi. While they respected our professional abilities, their constant feedback and involvement meant we were able to create two very different websites that really reflect the individual goals of both PET-Xi and Metropolis.”

“At Oxygen Graphics we thrive off a challenge and working on both websites at the same time definitely pushed our creativity and drove us to think outside the box, while ultimately ensuring we were creating two professional-looking, high-quality and engaging platforms.”

“We look forward to working with the PET-Xi and the Metropolis team in the future as their services continue to evolve and expand.”

Rihards and Eddie looking at Metropolis website

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