Designing a way to ‘Stand’ out from the crowd

Case Study: Off Grid Energy

off grid energy header 2

Off Grid Energy is dedicated to the delivery of independent hybrid power solutions that offer the highest quality in terms of performance, energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Based in Rugby town this team of highly skilled individuals are the leaders in the field and constant innovators to the industry.

There unique approach to connecting homes and businesses that are ‘off the grid’ with hybrid power solutions is not only having a positive impact on those involved it is also having a positive impact on the planet due to their eco-friendly approach to power generation.

Off Grid Energy have been working with Oxygen for many years. Over time we have built a strong relationship and have aided in the development of their brand. With exhibitions looming for Off Grid Energy we were tasked with creating some new fabric stands to be used in events alongside updating some of the brand elements to ensure continuity with all aspects of promotional materials.

Fabric Stands 1

Ink on fabric display stands:

The development of the stand was created to give a new approach to exhibitions and make the organisation stand out from the crowd. was something unique and not loaded with technical jargon. We created a unique exhibition space from 3 separate fabric stands and these all interlocked and created a fast and easy way to create a stand environment (Much to Off-Grid’s excitement). We decided to focus on their brand values and highlighted key unique selling points of the service/products they offer when considering the print design.


Brochures and branding:

Following on with updating the brand elements these brochures were created to demonstrate continuity. This was achieved through using the same styling that had been used with the fabric stands.  A set of icons were created in conjunction with both the fabric stands and the brochures. These were created to promote all the sectors that the organisation deal with in a unique way. This icon set has now been used throughout the branding and is even displayed on the Screens of the hybrid power units.

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